Evra: “I asked for alms before the stores to be able to eat, but I was happy”

first_imgEvra, contrary to what it may seem, remembers that time as a “happy” moment. “It was a difficult time, but happy. I was always happy and I was always lucky, I would not change anything, I would keep it that way because he built the man I am now,” he explains at 38 and after a successful career in soccer. “Some people, when you are successful, they only see the end result, they only see the superstar on television, but in reality, on the streets, I learned a lot and it helped me to be strong”, he wields as a life experience that he hopes “inspire children to realize that they should never give up, don’t give up. If you think you will become someone, go out and believe in yourself, you will. I don’t feel like a victim, I don’t want compassion. “His childhood was a test of strength that served as tests that came later. “Especially after the World Cup, when I was the captain and many people blamed me, but I was strong because I know that in the streets I had more difficult moments than then, with the press talking about you,” he says. Patrice Evra closed a successful sports career less than a year ago in which he won 21 titles. The winger ended up at West Ham, but he had previously made a brilliant name for himself playing for clubs like Monaco, Manchester United, Juventus and Marseille. In addition, a guarantee with the French team, with which he became runner-up in Europe in 2016. But to get there he had to go a long and winding road that he has recounted in a podcast on the Manchester United website. In it he tells the difficult childhood he had, having to practice begging to eat. A member of a large family, Evra relates the difficulties of eating while growing up in a Paris suburb. “I was in Paris, but I lived on the street and sometimes I couldn’t even eat something. I remember my brother Dominique was working at a McDonald’s, so he went there and gave me his own food at his lunch hour,” he explains. When he did not have that option, he had no choice but to have to ask so as not to take another less advisable path. “I am not afraid to say that I had to beg for money in front of the stores. I would stand in front of them and when I came across people I would ask for some currency. Sometimes they gave me the money and sometimes they didn’t, I just wanted money to buy a sandwich, “he says.last_img

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