Wu Lei raises the high of COVID-19 to Espanyol to five

first_imgThat of your attacker is not the only one that overcomes the disease. It was on March 18 when the parakeet club reported that six people from the first team had tested positive, as many as they had undergone when presenting symptoms. During this time, five of the six have already been discharged. The sixth evolves favorably, with mild symptoms. And they all rest in their respective homes, strictly following the guidelines set by the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health, consisting of 14 days quarantine to avoid contagion to third parties.For prudence and respect, Espanyol never gave names or how many of the six positives were players. But in this time Identities such as that of Wu Lei himself, Leandro Cabrera and Matías Vargas have been known. Also, five were footballers and one, a member of the technical staff. “We will defeat the coronavirus”, he proclaimed at the end of last week Wu Lei, in a video message he prepared to reassure the millions of followers he has in China. Espanyol footballer, just six days after confirming through the soccer federation of his country his positive in COVID-19, he has already obtained a medical discharge. It is celebrated by the Chinese fans and Espanyol is relieved.last_img

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