The ‘cadists’ of Albacete

first_imgFor its part, Querol arrives after having played two half seasons with Cádiz. He has not had much presence with yellow, but in recent games he scored so many important. The ram arrives at a team in need of goal. Albacete, with 18, is the team with the least goals scored in Segunda in what we have been in season. A priori the examarillo will play a place in the attack with Fuster and Acuña. Zozulia is a landline and Querol’s participation will depend on the scheme with which Alcaraz plays.Albacete is played. This past weekend he fell in decline after losing to Oviedo in the Tartiere. The threat of Second B stalks and the examarillos have a lot to say in a team that has been running for three seasons in Second. With Kecojecic and Sergio Sánchez, Albacete recovers the old yellow guard. Both formed in the center of the defense of Cádiz during the last season, in which they were about to play promotion promotion. A priori everything indicates that the position will be alternated. Arroyo, one of the team’s captains, is fixed in the Manchego team. So far he has played every minute. For Kecojevic and Sergio Sánchez to play, Arroyo would have to shift his position to the right back, where he has already played before. Nevertheless Sergio Sánchez must take shape. This season has only played one game and it was in September. Albacete has a ‘piece’ of Cádiz. With the assignments of Querol and Sergio Sánchez There are already six yellow former players in the Manchego team. To the newcomers we must add Kecojevic, which signed by Albacete last summer and has a contract until 2022 and Karim, Eddy Silvestre and Acuña.The latter militated in Cádiz between 2005 and 2009, with a transfer between media in Salamanca. It has been three seasons at Albacete. Silvestre, meanwhile, was yellow during the 2016-2017 season. He played 20 games with the Tacita team; Y Karim, a fixture this season, was last season in Cádiz, although it passed without sorrow or glory.last_img

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