Roman Pokos, creative agency Kokoš ili jaje: We always try to “take people out of their shoes” at our festivals

first_imgThe organization of events that will attract a mass of visitors, of course, generates consumption and earnings, and to attract visitors we must have quality content. It is the hardest to start, but in the agency Kokoš ili jaje they had an excellent reference Fuliranje, which opened a sterile and boring market for them, and that opportunity was immediately recognized by the sponsors, who were just waiting for one such great story. Of course, as Pokos points out, the first two years were challenging, but later when they justified the trust, it was much easier to close the financial construction. Today, it is the result of strategic planning, development and investment in events, which has paid off in Zagreb. Advent is responsible for the awakening of Zagreb and the creation of a new tourist renaissance in our capital, where not even the first letter could be heard from tourism before, and today it is one of the main tourist destinations in Croatia throughout the year. But it’s interesting how in its beginnings Advent was branded through one private event, and that just means it’s about something great, different and a story worth telling. What thrilled me personally was the communication and desire for added value again. Thus, through Fuliranje, and especially through ZBF, Pokos and his team managed to make the sponsors aware that they do not want their money a priori, but to really get involved in the event. Often the sponsors of the event, although today it is already on a much higher level, are satisfied with the logo on the posters and visuals, but they do not enter the event themselves. Wasted money, because paying for the sponsorship of an event is just a ticket that the sponsor can enter, but only then should you invest and invest in the story and the extension of the story. And that’s key and a win-win for everyone. Thus, the sponsors had their own story extensions, both through the event and through advertising the event through their channels. They combined their brand values ​​with the story and values ​​of the event. And again we go back to the beginning, if Fuliranje had no story, they were no different, invested in small details, partners – there would be no value of the event, which today, with trust and confirmation of the concept, is the most valuable feature of the agency Kokoš ili jaje. PS And if I hadn’t found out which chicken or egg is first, but if I had been told, it would still be a chicken. Roman Pokos, The Chicken or the Egg Važan segment svih festivala u produkciji agencije Kokoš ili jaje, čak bi mogao reči i znak prepoznavanja, je svakako komunikacijski segment. Kroz festivale se sustavno  gradi priča, predstavljaju se mnoge osobne priče i elementi festivala na drugačiji način.  And again another novelty in the concept. And this is evidenced not only by the success of Fuliranje, but also by this year’s Zagreb Burger Festival, which started the street food revolution in Zagreb and proved to be an excellent tourist product, as well as showing the right direction in which our tourism must develop. “We spend a lot of time negotiating with partners and caterers. We educate the new, and the old already know what we ask of them. Although we may be one of the more demanding organizers, we think that all the effort will pay off in the end. That is why we stand out from other festivals. We spend three to four months with partners combining their menus, making sure that the offer differs, but also the locations where they are located.”Says Pokos, and the statement speaks for itself. They spent, ie invested time together with their partners to create a different story. And which, as you know, paid off. With their story and persistent search for a quality offer, the team from Kokoš or jaje managed to gather quality partners, who had a different offer and who tried to arrange their own houses, so that each had its own story. Not everyone could come to Fuliranje, they had to go through a certain selection and deliver quality. It was a bold step forward and not an easy task, but they succeeded. And here you can see the importance of synergy between the organizer and the tenant, because they can’t do without each other. In fact, as a personal experience, I can confirm how they give and ask you stories for each medium separately in accordance with the target group, which is an endemic phenomenon in Croatia. If we look at the media announcements, I am sure that we will not find so many different stories at any festival in Croatia, which are related to one festival. Even some caterers and partners have grown and built an image right through their festivals.  Yes, I mentioned at the beginning of the article how Fuliranje is moving to the sea this year. Thus, Fuliranje na moru will be held from August 01 to 04 at The Garden Resort in Tisno. One important segment that is extremely important to highlight are quality partners. A fokus je u startu bio na cjelokupnom ambijentu, s posebnom pažnjom na male detalje, koji često organizatorima predstavljaju trošak, a ne shvaćaju da svi ti detalji utječu na atmosferu cijele manifestacije.  „We actually wanted to create the whole ambiance. That first year, when we started Advent Fuliranje, we wanted to conjure up an old Zagreb speech, which turned out to be a nice story on which we developed the whole topic. We brought serious restaurants and bistros to the road. Thus, we “pulled” them out of the bar and brought them closer to a wider circle of people. It is in this part that we have done the biggest thing with Fuliranje in these 7, 8 years”Pokos points out. “As for sponsors, the worst thing is to attract them in the beginning. In the first years, we had a lot of problems with that, so we couldn’t invest much in the program itself. But little by little we started to grow organically, and the sponsors realized they would benefit from us. Today it is much easier for us because everyone knows about our project and everyone would like to be a part of it”Pokos pointed out. Fuliranje also has its own souvenir shop Of course, we are talking about the phenomenal concept and event Fuliranje in Zagreb, which was among the first, if not the first, to set a high scale. And most importantly, it proved successful in the market through the number of visitors and generated consumption and the direction in which Zagreb must develop and they were right. Today, the whole concept has been extended to more projects, and this year Fuliranje even has its premiere edition at sea. In the end, the festival scene was also not bypassed by various problems, as well as all other branches, but Pokos put a special emphasis on one big problem. “One of the biggest problems of the festival scene in Croatia is the overlapping of festivals. Each organization organizes festivals for itself, and there is no umbrella that would at least place all organizers under the same roof to make arrangements. I consider this a big problem because there will be saturation”Concludes Pokos. “We are one of the few festivals that has its own equipment. All the cottages are ours and are adapted to our festival to make people feel as comfortable as possible. We think about all the segments and try to make a breakthrough every year. We follow what is happening outside, all this digitalization, mobile applications, card payments, we are working on it all. Through the application you can check the gastronomic offer, price and the like, and during the Zagreb Burger Festival we had as many as 17 thousand downloads of the application. As for burgers, before the Zagreb Burger Festival, this type of food was not so much in the focus of more serious catering, but more in the framework of smaller burger bars. Serious chefs got involved in the whole story. That is why we now have so much expansion and “explosion” of similar concepts throughout Croatia. A very big popularization of burgers took place in three years and we are very happy with that. We don’t want to attribute the credit to ourselves, but it’s certain that we influenced that overall picture”Pokos pointed out.center_img Namely, we all know that the sun and the sea are no longer enough, so Fuliranje na moru will be the first local festival that provides an all-day experience, as well as a focus on local audiences, not foreign ones. 12 leading Croatian performers, 3 concerts a day, street musicians, excellent and different gastronomic offer based on the best local specialties performed by the best local taverns and of course a rich offer of craft beer and other drinks. In a conversation with Roman Pokos, director of the creative agency Kokoš ili jaje, we bring the story of how the term is otherwise perfectly embodied through all its manifestations. How’s that? Here it is… “We started with Penguin Square in British Square. It was the first event, and the goal was to do something different. We saw various Christmas fairs abroad and we were always fascinated by how great it all was, and it was a bit boring here. We were the first to start with this Penguin Square, but we encountered a lot of problems. Since we were located in the market, we had to move the cottages every day which was one impossible mission. So it wasn’t until the following year that we found a location we liked, and it was a rather deserted street, more precisely Tomićeva. Nothing was happening in it, but we saw huge potentialSays Pokos. That’s one small part behind the Fuliran story. And as a successful concept was created, the team from Kokoš or jaje started new festivals. From Articulation, Foodballerka and the phenomenal Zagreb Burger Festival, which started the street food revolution in Croatia and, most importantly, proved that burgers are a new trend and a “must have” in tourism. In fact, burgers are now in the standard offer of all serious hotels. “The general world festival trends are precisely ecology, which, among other things, includes biodegradable sugar cane plastic and waste reduction. That is why this year’s edition of the Zagreb Burger Festival as well as Fuliranje na moru will focus on ecology. More precisely, we will dispose of disposable plastics, and we are negotiating with partners to reduce waste in paper and plastic frames. The second thing is digitalization, that is, payment with mobile phones. These are the two main trends that we are also trying to integrateSays Pokos. The organization of events is not a cost, but an investment.  Nama je cilj da se posjetitelji osjećaju predivno. Iako smo se već usavršili u “gastrotainment” segmentu festivala, uvijek se trudimo ljude „izuti iz cipela“. Pa tako dovodimo strane izvođače te ulazimo u suradnje s velikim glazbenim festivalima. Nama nije u cilju imati 20 različitih festivala, već da ove postojeće (Zagreb Burger Festival) dižemo na jednu višu razinu. Glavni cilj nam je da svi budu sretni. To je glavni pokazatelj budućnosti i uspješnosti festivala”Pokos points out. At the same time, they continue to follow the trends, so biodegradable glasses and accessories will be available at the location in order to preserve the festival location. Speaking of trends, Pokos points out that ecology and digitalization are currently the focus of world festivals. When sponsors enter the event with their stories “This year we also opened our fan shop at Advent and we are very happy with that, and we hope that people are happy with the products as well. It all creates a story around the festival, it’s that added value. We always wanted to have that kind of communication and marketing, not the dry one. We have a very strong and developed segment of communications that our communication team conducts in a very structured, strategic and detailed plan. In addition to working closely with tenants, it communicates very well with the media, both domestic and foreign, and there are other marketing activities “Pokos emphasizes. The story of Fuliranje begins much earlier, all with the aim of moving the European urban story to Zagreb. No, tu nije kraj priče, dapače, ako želimo biti konkurentni stalno moramo ulagati u manifestaciju kroz nove koncepte, priče, sadržaje i ekstenzije priče. A to je jako dobro znao i Pokos, koji je kasnije promijenio lokaciju Fuliranja, koja je svoje mjesto, barem za sada, pronašla na zagrebačkom Strossmayerovom trgu, te tako opet otvorio dodatni prostor za širenje Adventa u Zagrebu. No i tu se opet pokazalo kako se stalno mora inovirati i stvarati dodanu vrijednost pa je Fuliranje osmislilo nove dizajnerske funkcionalne kućice. Na ranijim festivalima su koristili, kao i sve ostale manifestacije, iste drvene kućice. Uloženo je i u poseban wc prikolicu, kako bi se izbjegli oni neugledni pokretni wc-i. Investirali su i u aplikaciju za bržu narudžbu pića i hrane, kao i  u prodaju svojih brendiranih suvenira itd… It will be interesting to follow the development of Fuliranje na moru, especially if the other two editions of Fuliranje announced by Pokos are held in another city. What do you think, would the audience follow Fuliranje in Slavonia as well? I’m sure he would. But we will have to wait a little longer for new possible locations and details. But it is certainly a big step forward, in order to complete Fuliranje with four seasons, ie four editions throughout the year. This would be the first event in Croatia to succeed in such an endeavor. Storytelling u pravom smislu – ne prodaj mi proizvod, nego priču, doživljaj i  i dodanu vrijednost. The best advertising has always been and always will be word of mouth and it is an imperative and a recipe for long-term success and self-sustainability. And the team from the Kokoš ili jaje agency managed to reach that level where they are the best marketing, ie their promise, consistency and quality that they deliver. You all know today’s story about Advent in Zagreb, but often people forget that the organization of Advent in Zagreb is nothing new, in fact, there has always been an Advent program on Ban Josip Jelačić Square, but of course not in the form it is today. “Thanks to the long-term cooperation with Garden Brewery, we decided to bring the festival to The Garden Resort in Tisno. We concluded that mostly foreign brands are represented there and none of them addresses the Croatian population. We want to communicate in this way and make a domestic festival. In fact, our goal is to incorporate the story of Fuliranje in all four seasons. Our plan is not to design new concepts of the festival, but to be based on an existing brand and build a gastro entertainment story around it.Says Pokos. Photo: Agency Chicken or egglast_img

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