Unbearable smoke stench in Acaciavale

first_img“We can’t breathe with this smoke, and we hope that the  municipal workers at the dumpyard will stop burning rubbish like this,” said another concerned resident.A real estate agent commented that they took clients to see a house in the area and they ended up with coughing fits. “I can’t conduct business in these conditions. Who can concentrate on looking at a house when they can’t even take a breath without choking on smoke fumes?”Residents have been phoning the Ladysmith Gazette non-stop and commenting on our Facebook page about the situation. They are asking why municipal workers haven’t been sent out to extinguish the fire at the dump site.We are still awaiting comment from the municipality. People living in the Acaciavale and Aloe Park areas are fuming about the thick black smoke that has been lingering in the air from Wednesday morning (yesterday) and continuing this morning (Thursday).The dump site in Acaciavale is the reason for the smoke .People are concerned about their health, especially that of their children, as the smoke doesn’t seem to be dissipating.“I first thought it was mist when I woke up on Wednesday, but quickly realised it was thick smoke,” said a distressed Aneesa Khan.Aneesa added that, “It is very hard to breathe in these conditions. Whoever is burning stuff needs to realise that there are sick and elderly people living in these areas, and their well-being is at stake.” WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite last_img

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