The quietest man in the world becomes the protagonist of this bar fight

first_imgPhotograph of a bar. Image: iStock Internet is one of the best inventions in history. Thanks to him, our lifestyle has changed completely and especially when communicating, hence many social networks have appeared. Social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, have helped us greatly in communicating with the rest of society and that is why in our day to day, we always find a moment to share our things. A video of a fight in a bar went viralAn unperturbed man appears eating his kebabSocial networks signal their harmonious tranquilitycenter_img We upload photos and stories, show the music we are listening to at the moment or share news that we find interesting, among many other things, however when we do we are not aware of the popularity that a simple publication can get. When we share things we do it thinking that only our circle of acquaintances will receive it, however there are some publications that go viral and can make a person the center of all eyes.This was the case of Chris Hill, a 52-year-old man who became the protagonist of a video that has already traveled the world. This man was quietly eating a kebab and some fries in a restaurant where suddenly an aggressive fight began. Chris, instead of reacting to seeing this brutal scene, remained seated and enjoying his food at all times, and this fact is what really surprised Internet users.Wow fight In kens kebab– Beth Deakin? (@xbethdeakin) January 11, 2020The calm reaction of this man has taken all the prominence of the video and many users have created their own memes as a result. Some people compared the men in the fight with personal problems, such as depression or anxiety, and Chris as themselves when facing them. Others decided to equate each of the characters in the video with the current political situation and baptized Chris as Africa and the men in the fight as Iran, USA. and Europe.last_img read more

100 year-old house collapses in Delhi, waiter leaves work to save 3 trapped minors

first_imgSurjeet Dutt, a waiter at Delhi’s Paharganj area, saved the life of three minors who were trapped inside the debris on Monday.While Dutt was waiting at the billing counter, he heard people screaming from the adjacent street.When he ran to the spot, he saw that a building had collapsed and two minors were trapped under the debris.Without giving a second thought, he risked his life to save the life of the three kids.WHAT HAD HAPPENEDSuneel, a resident of a slum, was sleeping with his three children on Monday around 11.30 pm when an old house nearby collapsed.The three kids- Priya, Karan and Sonam- got trapped and were rescued by Dutt.Suneel said, “It was a 100 year old house. The owner had even got a notice from MCD to vacate it but he did not leave”ther of the three minors, were sleeping in his slum the old house collapsed over the slum.Priya, Karan and sonam were trapped which is rescued by waiter and father of children.Suneel said, ” it was 100 year old house owner had got notice to vacate from mcd but it was still occupied “.The Paharganj police station confirmed it was a 100 year-old house of one Anand.last_img read more