Avoid a good scare at home by leaving loose batteries in drawers

first_imgThe batteries, for example, are a great unknown when putting them in a garbage can or other. Disposing them in a container or another correctly is very important since even if you do not know, if it is not done well it can be a danger. If a metal comes into contact with the positive and negative poles of a battery, a short circuit can be generated that produces a heat level to cause a fire. This situation, even if it causes us a little fear, can make us think that this would never happen in our home … All because we are really not aware of the large number of metal objects we have at home. Keys, chargers, coins and even aluminum foil are objects that contain metal and can be a threat if we put them together with a battery.The most dangerous batteries are 9VAccording to experts, the most dangerous batteries are 9 volts. That is, those that have a rectangular shape, since their poles are located next to each other, but even the best known as AAA batteries and AA batteries can be a risk.The solution to prevent a battery from generating a fire may seem to be keeping all the batteries in one place and away from metal objects. Also, one of the best ways is to store them in their own container or cover the poles with some insulating tape, since the contact between them can also end up in a short circuit. Image: iStock In an effort to keep the environment clean, families around the world separate garbage according to their type in order to recycle them properly. There are products that are easy to recycle such as cardboard or plastic bottles, but there are others that we really don’t know where we have to place them to recycle them properly.center_img Common batteries can generate fires in contact with metalIt is better to store spent batteries in their own containerslast_img read more