Fourth 3T Conference – Sustainability as our Opportunity?

first_imgReport from last year’s 3T: In the pictures: details from last year’s 3T conference. More information and registration fees are available at              In addition to the above, more is planned through lectures, presentations and discussions. The performance has been confirmed Ilija Brajković, a digital marketing expert and top rated lecturer at previous 3T conferences, with the topic How to break down content and build personal branding on social media? The leading Croatian chef will also perform Mate Janković. He will perform as one of the keynoters Zoran Pejović, a world expert when it comes to the hospitality industry. Let’s put it this way – you have a lot of money, and in an exclusive location, the Maldives, Iceland, the plateau in the Andes, or in Croatia you want to invest in a first-class luxury resort? Who will you take to manage and lead it all? Our keynoter. Zoran Pejović will hold a keynote called Modern Luxury Travel – between technology and ideology. Panel discussion Are climate change and the trend of sustainability a Croatian opportunity? will moderate Oleg Maštruko, Director of the 3T Conference. The Bug media house announces the fourth edition of the conference 3T – Tourism, Travel and Tech, which deals with the merger of companies and professionals from two leading Croatian sectors – the information industry and tourism. 3T conference is the first conference that unites tourism and IT, as the leading and most important branches of the Croatian economy. Technology is the key to optimization and success in the tourism business, and the 3T conference will provide you with answers on how to make the best use of modern technology and make business in tourism more efficient and better. The main leitmotif of this year’s edition of the 3T conference is climate – sustainability – technology. The worlds of technology and tourism have never been more strongly connected. It has never been more important to be on event which connects the two most successful Croatian industries. Tourists need to introduce more tech, and technicians, of course, need to sell their knowledge and skills to someone. The fourth 3T will take place March 19 at Kaptol Boutique Cinema in Zagreb. The number of participants last year was around 280, and the same is expected this year as well. “The tourism industry, globally, is not showing signs of slowing down. During the second quarter of 2019 the number of global hotel capacities in pipeline reached a record 1.704 hotels with an incredible 260.111 rooms, an increase of 23 percent for hotels and 19 percent for rooms compared to last year (year over year, YOY). Such events in the field of tourism, of course, open opportunities for IT and tech, which have always been actually service industries, ie those that support another activity, and are not an end in themselves. So how much has technology changed the world of tourism, and how much have these changes affected the lives of locals, people living in a certain territory? How does technology contribute / shape the development of your business in the tourism industry? To what extent can the continuous growth of tourist traffic be sustainable? The impact of tourism growth on the quality of life of the local population? Why are more and more cities restricting rentals through AirBNB and similar services? Can tourism be sustainable and how the development of technology helps or hinders us in this, and how to maintain the quality of life at the desired level with the growth of tourist traffic? Future Tourism Applications – Will VR and AR reduce the need for physical travel to a location and thus solve part of the problem? Who even wants to travel that way? – these are some of the issues we will try to open at this year’s edition of the conference “, he pointed out Oleg Maštruko, Director of the 3T Conference.last_img read more

Nikias’ inauguration speech well received by attendees

first_imgAttendees of Friday’s inauguration ceremony said they enjoyed President C.L. Max Nikias’ speech for its inspiration, direction and representation of the university’s accomplishments and future.Student body · As part of the inauguration, 126 student delegates representing university life marched through the 10,000 attendees. – Tim Tran | Daily Trojan Students said they were impressed by Nikias’ remarks and recognized the importance and uniqueness of the new presidency.“It was really a celebration of the best and the brightest USC has produced and hopes to produce in the future,” said Olivia Gardner, a freshman majoring in biochemistry.Students also said they were able to relate to Nikias and felt that he had an understanding of the goals and desires of the student body.“It was a great opportunity for the whole community to show support for our new leader,” said Margaret Ivey, a senior majoring in theatre. “I loved what he had to say about uncertainty being the beginning of a new adventure. It resonated with me being a senior and going off on my own adventure soon.”Rosezetta Upshaw, a third-year graduate student studying law, said she valued Nikias’ vision for USC and welcomed his embrace of the entire USC community.“His speech was great. It sounded like he really had a plan for USC and our future,” Upshaw said. “As a Berkeley alum, this is the first time I truly feel caught up in the Trojan spirit.”Faculty and staff applauded Nikias’ plan to continue to uphold USC’s long-standing traditions, while simultaneously leading USC into a new era.“He inspired a high-level goal, very far reaching and demanding. If we strive toward that goal we will be a better faculty and a better school,” said Ted Berger, professor of biomedical engineering.At the same time, faculty and staff said they appreciated Nikias’ understanding of the adversities the university is encountering in the wake of the global financial crisis.“The remarks were very enlightening,” said Tom Wright, a laboratory supervisor on the Health Sciences Campus. “He seems to have a very enlightened perspective of the global economy and the future of the university.”Nikias stressed the importance of the school adapting to the globalizing and evolving world, which Kimberly Freeman, a part-time professor at the School of Policy, Planning, and Development, said she found inspirational.“The president’s remarks about where the school is located allow the school to improve in a globalized way. The school can’t afford to not have an eye on its international opportunities,” Freeman said.Alumni said they respected Nikias’ recognition of former President Steven B. Sample’s achievements and admired Nikias’ goal to integrate Sample’s accomplishments into his own vision.“It was very nice that Dr. Nikias mentioned how much Sample had done and that he is going to build on that,” said Marilyn Kezirian, an alumna who received her bachelor’s degree in 1960.For some alumni, such as Meredith Drake, an alumna from the class of 2010, Nikias brought new light to the school’s figurehead and deeply rooted traditions.“His speech was incredibly inspiring. He weaved classic Greek tragedies into contemporary traditions,” Drake said. “Tommy Trojan is a mascot, but you rarely get the opportunity to really think about it as a deep symbol of the university that could inspire people.”Nikias’ emphasis on the Trojan Family  and fostering of individual successes also struck the attention of Peter Kezirian, an alumnus of the Gould School of Law class of 1989.“It reflected the magic that USC has a strong sense of community and it also stressed the individual as a leader in the immediate community and globally,” Kezirian said. “The blending of the individual and community is uniquely USC.”For the Daily Trojan‘s recap of the inauguration ceremony, click here.To learn more about the generous donations the university received at the ceremony, click here.last_img read more