Upscale Whiskeys Pairings for All Your Bro Food

first_img Spectacular Failures Tells the Story of Businesses That Went Very, Very Wrong Think Outside the Box on Memorial Day and Try This Chili-Lime Grasshopper Recipe The Best CBD Oil and Skincare Creams for Managing Pain 9 Best Spirits For Spiked Apple Cider Pairing chicken wings, pretzels, and chocolate cake. Yes, we’re trying to drink whiskey at every meal.Whiskey Sommelier Chris Straka has spent 20 years working in the restaurant industry as a beverage manager, and is now the moonshine master at Denver’s new Hearth & Dram whiskey-focused bar (opening January 28)— a dark and wood-fired restaurant with 350+ whiskeys on the menu.We sat down with Straka in an attempt to add some manly posh to our sometimes not-so-classy meals. Thanks to his whiskey know-how, we’re happy to report there’s a craft bourbon or rye for every dish you’ll eat this month. Yes, chips and guacamole too.Pair it with…Seared SteakFor simple grilled steak, I would look for a really good Bourbon Manhattan. When you grill, you get a nice char, which is a caramelization of the meat, but also gives the steak a little bitterness. Made with a little sweet vermouth, the Bourbon Manhattan will give more sweetness to the dish and contrast nicely with the bitter grill marks.Soft Pretzel + Grey Poupon Mustard I’d go with one of my favorites, and a very important Colorado whiskey, Leopold Bros. Distillery. They make an American-style, lighter, softer, more approachable whiskey that is typically a little lighter than rich bourbons. Typically, the whiskey is not aged quite as long and doesn’t contain heavy caramel and fruit flavors. With that pretzel, Leopold’s will cut through the Dijon mustard and work nicely with the saltiness of the pretzel. A soft pretzel doesn’t have big, forward flavors, so a whiskey too heavy will overpower.Chips and GuacamoleCourtesy Compass Box WhiskeyScotch. Something not too crazy. There’s a producer called Compass Box. The one I recommend is the Hedonism. It’s really well balanced, smokey, with the hints of iodine you want to see in scotch. Normally with this dish you’d drink mescal which has smokeyness. Scotch would be similar. is so delicate it can be overpowered very easily. I’ll revert back to a cocktail. Something very simple like a Whiskey Collins; made with Whiskey, lemon juice, sugar, and soda water. This cocktail has a little more acidity to tone down the alcohol. This would pair very nice with something that would be delicate on the pallet.Pepperoni and Italian Sausage PizzaCourtesy Distillery 291A really nice Rye whiskey. There’s a really good Colorado one out of Colorado Springs, 291 Distillery. They call it their Colorado Whiskey because it’s heavy in Rye but not as heavy as most. Typically, a rye can be 80-95-percent rye, but they only use about 65 percent. You’re going to get more of a spice characteristic that way (pairing with the spice in the pepperoni and Italian sausage), but still a good amount of bourbon flavor, which brings a caramel and fruit flavor that compliments the tomato sauce. Definitely Rye with a pizza.Chocolate Cake One of the single greatest pairings with whiskey is a dark chocolate in the 70-72-percent coco range with an Islay Scotch. The reason is, that slightly sweet/slightly bitter richness pairs with the iodine of the scotch. Specifically, Islay scotch has more richness, more maltiness. I recommend Lagavulin— their 16-year is absolutely phenomenal.Spicy Chicken WingsI would want to go with a wheat whiskey. Wheat whiskey’s (produced with a higher amount of wheat) typically have a sweeter characteristic. One of my favorites will come from Dry Fly Distilling out of Spokane, Washington. It’s got great complexity and is extremely well balanced. Any time it’s a spicy dish you want to have a little bit of sweetness to your whiskey pairing. Otherwise the heat can make the alcohol heavier on your pallet and bring out more of the burn.Mac & CheeseCourtesy Maker’s MarkStay with a really well balanced whiskey; I would go with a Maker’s Mark. If you wanted to up the ante, Maker’s Mark Reserve. And I would want it on the rocks. This is a really good sipping whiskey. It’s very smooth and won’t overpower the mac & cheese— which is not a complex dish. Stay away from your ryes. Cheese can be interesting because it’s fattiness sticks on your pallet. Maker’s Mark is a good drinking bourbon, and since they have a higher wheat, but they aren’t a wheat whiskey, it’s a little richer.Apple PieCourtesy A.D. LawsDefinitely young Rye whiskey because of the spices used in apple pie. For that I’m going back to a Colorado craft whiskey, the A.D. Laws, produced in Denver. Their Secale Rye is one of my favorite ryes being produced in the nation right now. It’s got a beautiful spice to match the apple pie. It will be a knockout.Lead photos courtesy Hearth & Dram Editors’ Recommendations 11 Best Gins for a Refreshing Gin and Tonic last_img read more

Public Accounts for 201819 Released

Government released the public accounts for the 2018-19 fiscal year today, July 25. “Budget 2018-19 focused on strengthening services and support for Nova Scotians through key investments in health care, education, early years, communities and the economy,” said Karen Casey, Minister of Finance and Treasury Board. “We made strategic investments while remaining fiscally responsible, and this approach helped us respond to increased demand for services and unexpected expenses, such as assisting farmers impacted by frost and increased demands on health care.” The annual public accounts report the actual financial results at the end of the fiscal year and compare them to the budget approved at the beginning of the fiscal year. The audited financial statements for the year ended March 31, 2019, show a final surplus of $120 million, $90.6 million higher than the budget estimate of $29.4 million. Consolidated revenue was up $101.9 million from the budget to $11.87 billion, mainly due to changes in revenue from petroleum royalties, provincial recoveries and federal equalization. Consolidated expenses were up $11.3 million to $11.75 billion, mainly due to an increase in demand for health-care services and increased funding for the remediation of Boat Harbour, Harrietsfield in Halifax Regional Municipality and two abandoned mines, Montague Mines in Dartmouth and Goldenville in Guysborough Co. At year end, net debt was $15.01 billion. The net debt to gross domestic product (GDP) ratio for 2018-19 was 34.1 per cent, down one percentage point from 2017-18. The net debt to GDP ratio has declined 3.7 percentage points since 2015. Auditor General Michael Pickup has provided an unqualified opinion on the province’s consolidated financial statements for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2019. Government entities also released compensation over $100,000 for individuals as required by the Public Sector Compensation Disclosure Act. This year’s public sector disclosure includes service payouts to public servants who chose the option for a one-time lump sum payment in place of the Public Service Award. In 2015, government announced its intention to phase out the Public Service Award, an allowance given on retirement and committed to honouring service amounts accumulated up to that point. Total service payouts that were paid in 2018-19 were $377.8 million. As a set of three volumes of accountability documents, the public accounts include the consolidated financial statements of the province and financial information of departments, financial statements of Crown corporations and funds, and departmental details about salaries, payments to suppliers, travel and other expenses. The documents are online at . read more