The Mid Autumn Festival massacre! Ali programmers write code to grab moon cake was dismissed!

September 14 Japanese: yesterday afternoon, the Alibaba officially confirmed 4 programmers for writing code to grab the cake, after being found by the termination of the contract, employees "in the event of the use of cheating tools touched the integrity of red line", "to other employees caused welfare distribution, thus making the unjust" controversial decision".

13 afternoon, some friends broke the news, Alibaba in order to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival, held an internal buying moon cake activities. 4 Security Department of the Department of the use of loopholes in the system, wrote a program to buy unlimited access to the right to buy 124 boxes of moon cake. On the current situation, the matter was found after Ali, 4 people have been dismissed. read more

Xu Dehong used Taobao shipping promotion strategy

This is the

version of the "digital" sellers should be invited to share the editor about Taobao store shipping strategy how to formulate a small text, for everyone to share, we hope to have some help, welcome to discuss


at Taobao arena, the shipping promotions should be most dispensers are very good at one of the most simple gameplay, mostly on making strategic shipping is each one according to his lights. Set the bar high, off price increase, but the conversion rate is poor; set a low bar, the conversion rate is good, can not come off the price and shipping strategy; it seems really is not "a pat on the head" such a simple thing. The author has done a test, different packet policy on the conversion rate of the store will have an impact on 0.5-1%. read more

Watercress interest in marketing of the road patience before Ming

interest marketing. In the whole social media development has now shown All flowers bloom together. situation, for different users, different usage scenarios, even adapt to various devices with a variety of social media in the environment in the growth, based on a social media that the community is also a the giant social business. Network in the growth of technology in growth, as well as our users their IQ, their ability to distinguish are slowly growing, now more and more social media the traditional forms of advertising based on Internet has been excluded. read more

A person from the media thinking do the media for what

from the media for what? Famous? Make money? Interest? In fact, no matter what to do, everyone’s purpose is not the same. And different purposes, resulting in each from the media have different results. Today, Shao Lianhu also tell you what I do from the media for


to today, I have done a year and 10 months from the media, it can be said that I do the purpose of the media are constantly changing. From the initial interest, to make money, to get to know the network, if you are interested, I slowly tell you to listen to…… read more

Site survival status survey of nearly 80% sites idle resources into furnishings

According to the

Chinese Internet Information Center (CNNIC) the latest statistics show that currently there are 2 million 790 thousand sites, of which there are nearly 80% sites in the idle state.

according to CNNIC, the first half of 2010, the number of global Internet sites are declining, the number of sites in China (ie, the number of domain names registered in the territory of China) is also synchronized decline. As of June 2010, the number of websites in China from the end of last year to 2 million 790 thousand to reduce the number of 3 million 230 thousand, of which nearly 8 of the site’s utilization is very low. read more

Wo Wo Group listed on the occasion, the other group purchase websites are busy Also consider listing

after thousands of war, winner, burn wars and so on stage, the site is facing the group purchase industry’s survival of the fittest, and was once given to the first echelon of the U.S. mission network, public comment is not listed, Wo Wo Group is unknown to the public on the NASDAQ market.    

"NASDAQ" has almost become the ultimate goal of entrepreneurs, but there is still a firm not listed, it is sufficient to prove that the "market" is a double-edged sword, then what happens after the listing of Wo Wo Group? Wo Wo Group listed on the occasion, what is in the other group purchase website read more

Bankruptcy, bankruptcy, stop operation…… This was in the air industry is experiencing the most d

Abstract: since capital has arrived in the winter, so how to get through this winter has become every electricity supplier business enterprises need to focus on design issues. The pace of the development of the majority of electricity supplier companies more than the rhythm of the market, it should slow down to do business, and the corresponding reduction in subsidies, business is good, there will be someone to invest

"the wind stopped, the pig will fall down dead", this sentence has become the most real portrayal of entrepreneurial business at present. read more