U.S. flash purchase site Fab.com financing $40 million valuation of $200 million

U.S. flash purchase site Fab.com

sina science and technology news Beijing time on December 7th morning news, the United States flash purchase site Fab.com has completed a total of $40 million B round of financing, this round of financing on the valuation of Fab.com reached $200 million. Well known venture capital Andreessen Horowitz led the Fab.com round of financing.

Andreessen Horowitz partner Geoffrey; (Jeffrey Jordan) will join the board of Fab.com ·. The company’s previous investors, including First Round Capital, Menlo Ventures, SoftTech VC, A-Grade Investments and Baroda Ventures also participated in the company’s round of financing. read more

360 navigation will be a major revision weakening the site to strengthen the content to strengthen t

360 new navigation home page to significantly enhance the content of the embodiment of


technology news March 18th afternoon news, Qihoo 360 announced on its 360 navigation (hao.360.cn) to conduct a comprehensive revision, the new version has substantially strengthened news, video and other content, strengthen the content reflects the weakening.

360 vice president of the company, navigation and search for Yu Guangdong said, navigation through several changes, its role is no longer a simple web site navigation, more Internet users in the play the role of the first entrance. "The current form of traditional web site navigation has been unable to meet the needs of users, web site has only a small part of the needs of Internet users to watch videos, shopping, playing games and other needs have become the main behavior of everyday Internet users." read more

nternet legend Miss Ma investment

[core tip] as today’s competitors, the Internet industry capital hunters, Ma Huateng had also invested in Alibaba’s opportunity, but he did not cherish. However, if Ma Huateng had actually voted 15% to Alibaba, and now China’s Internet structure will be the way it is now, in fact, there are still many people Miss Ma investment


Internet circle is always filled with too much uncertainty, but also has too many legends. Here are a few examples for you:

1, 2009, WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton to Facebook candidates rejected, now, Facebook spent $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp read more

Baidu crazy

      recently there are many webmaster site their station, the data included some unexpected, but when I site my http://s.kadang.org school website did not surprise the code. Today, I entered the Baidu top rankings, scared me, and now on a map.

          don’t you know that the "search" and "the total amount of History Search" in front of you?

          Baidu, are you crazy?

Tencent shares Sogou inject $448 million into Sogou SOSO

Sohu and Sogou today announced a strategic cooperation with Tencent, the picture left for Ma Huateng, Wang Xiaochuan,

sina science and technology news September 16th afternoon news, Sohu and Sogou today announced a strategic cooperation with Tencent. Tencent to Sogou inject $448 million, and the Tencent’s soso business and other related assets into Sogou immediately after the completion of the transaction, Sogou 36.5% shares fully diluted Tencent, and the Tencent stake will increase to around 40% in the near future. read more

White crow on Guide (two) now have a very good guide

oral /Guang.com founder white crow editor /i

world network operators

recently in the online crazy pass, mogujie.com Alexa said beautiful curve, so that some industry outsiders have such a judgment: beauty said, mogujie.com traffic continued to decline, and shopping guide mode has just passed the spring through the winter.

I don’t agree with that, we can start from scratch.

shopping guide can do what category

all electricity providers have to take into account two issues, one is what you do electricity supplier links, what is your cut category. read more

Double 11 electricity supplier website performance ranking VANCL 3 times down


application performance management service provider cloud Wisdom today released double 11 day of the ten domestic electricity supplier website performance statistics, VANCL appeared 3 times totaling 20 minutes and time.

cloud intelligence company today released its products, monitoring treasure in the 11 day of the two of the world’s top ten electricity supplier website performance statistics. Data show that the double 11 shopping festival day, shop No. 1, with an average response speed of 266.52ms topped. read more

Music as sports president, COO leave One of the parties to the circle of friends denied

music as the official reply to the sports news interface, said it did not know. Subsequently, the music, as the sport COO in the voice of friends in the circle, denied the rumors.

February 21st, the media broke the news that, as music sports President Zhang Zhiyong, COO will leave in the near future. The news that Zhang Zhiyong has submitted his resignation to the management, after the completion of the transfer of work is expected to leave in March, to airlines in the same period also resign application. read more

Baidu alliance this month will raise the price of suspended advertising

March 4th, according to sources, the Baidu alliance will raise the price of a single click this month to suspend advertising. Previously, there are some owners to reflect the low price of Baidu alliance suspension advertising, but 5 cents per click.

Baidu alliance suspended advertising features on February 8th this year, the line is still in the testing phase.

according to a webmaster reaction, from the test phase of the effect of the point of view, the suspension of the ad click rate than other forms of advertising click rate to be about 10 times higher. But there are also the reaction of the host, suspension advertising price is too low, it is not worthwhile, and affect the visitor experience. read more

Site survival status survey of nearly 80% sites idle resources into furnishings

According to the

Chinese Internet Information Center (CNNIC) the latest statistics show that currently there are 2 million 790 thousand sites, of which there are nearly 80% sites in the idle state.

according to CNNIC, the first half of 2010, the number of global Internet sites are declining, the number of sites in China (ie, the number of domain names registered in the territory of China) is also synchronized decline. As of June 2010, the number of websites in China from the end of last year to 2 million 790 thousand to reduce the number of 3 million 230 thousand, of which nearly 8 of the site’s utilization is very low. read more

Yahoo! 7 acquisition of Australia’s famous tourist site Totaltravel

September 29th news, according to foreign media reports, Yahoo! 7 (YAHOO Australia station) on September 25th announced that the price of $17 million acquisition of travel website Totaltravel.

Yahoo! 7 is YAHOO Australia station, is a joint venture between YAHOO and Australia’s largest media group Seven Network Limited to create a portal, the two sides each have a property of 50%.

According to

reports, Totaltravel was originally a travel website, founded in 1999, the main business in Australia and New Zealand, in Britain and the United States also has a sub station, the strength is very strong. The site has about 167000 tourist attractions, restaurants and stores in Australia and New Zealand, and the UK has about more than 293 thousand similar travel information. It is also one of the reasons why Yahoo is interested in Totaltravel 7. read more

2008 Google Summit

October 23, 2008 (Thursday) Beijing InterContinental Beijing Beichen Hotel

this is the annual event for Google content publishers by networking, build a multi-party communication platform in order to explore the Internet, technology and business development, share ideas and case, provide feedback recommendations for future improvement, create good ecological collaborative development system.

guests at the summit include:

provides a forward-looking perspective for global and Chinese Internet industry analyst read more

Will there be half of the WeChat male to be a zombie Some public numbers never live

Abstract: the subjective WeChat Hunzhao objectively, the demographic dividend disappeared due to difficult for WeChat to be replaced, get rid of flow distribution mechanism of WeChat, I can’t agree with this: half the public number into zombies.

has a new media first stop, said the new list in Guangzhou engaged in an event, the event claimed that they predicted that half of WeChat’s future will become a zombie".

this is debatable. Can not say completely wrong, but there are some problems with certainty. read more

Wo Wo Group listed on the occasion, the other group purchase websites are busy Also consider listing

after thousands of war, winner, burn wars and so on stage, the site is facing the group purchase industry’s survival of the fittest, and was once given to the first echelon of the U.S. mission network, public comment is not listed, Wo Wo Group is unknown to the public on the NASDAQ market.    

"NASDAQ" has almost become the ultimate goal of entrepreneurs, but there is still a firm not listed, it is sufficient to prove that the "market" is a double-edged sword, then what happens after the listing of Wo Wo Group? Wo Wo Group listed on the occasion, what is in the other group purchase website read more

Adsense network broadcast biography Jingdong $150 million investment holdings millet millet new mach

1 super stealth Trojan attacks against a variety of anti-virus software, Alipay  

in addition to steal Alipay, this super Trojan also by professional hackers invisible packaging, against a variety of anti-virus software. According to technical analysis to get clues, Jiangsu Xuzhou police tracking, found a manufacturing, sales, protection of Trojan professional criminal gangs, crime involving a number of provinces and cities.

"double eleven" after Jiangsu, Xuzhou police cracked a Trojan attacks, criminals use "super stealth Trojan", specifically for Taobao Alipay sellers account for the implementation of theft looted. read more

Q+ push the development of HTML5 technology to achieve win-win cooperation with developers

May 12th, Facebook CEO Mark · Zuckerberg in the IPO (IPO) roadshow Silicon Valley station disclosed to investors, the primary task of this year’s Facebook will be improved its mobile application platform, HTML5 technology is the upcoming Facebook as a key factor to the application platform leader.

domestic industry generally believe that with cross platform characteristics of HTML5 will be a technical revolution in the development of standards. On this point, the Tencent Q+ open platform pilot, provides lots of technical support to accelerate the development of HTML5 in the country, the realization of HTML5 application will be compatible with smooth Q+ future development is an important step in the strategy. read more

Part of the site to buy services to shrink the difficulty of returning to the world of human evapora

CFP for map

According to the 100

digital research company released the "September 2010 group purchase industry survey report" shows that as of the end of August 2010, the network group purchase domestic enterprise scale has reached 1215, which does not include the open group, or 256 group purchase website has been closed, and just opened or opened a small number of small group purchase website. While in the city distribution, according to the China Electronic Commerce Research Center survey, Beijing group purchase enthusiasm and Guangzhou champion, after Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, ranked in the top of the city network group purchase. September 2010 buy industry survey report, in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen in September to buy four active trading, the total turnover of more than 110 million, turnover of up to 1 million 810 thousand people. read more

Tencent Reengineering take Facebook+Twitter

IM (Instant Messenger) is the Tencent label. But today, it looks like an online game company. Yesterday released 2011 earnings report, Tencent online games revenue still accounts for 55.5% of its total revenue.

but Tencent’s dream is clearly not going to stay here, it has been trying to build a complete relationship chain". Faced with a record $5 billion in Facebook listing financing, as well as $4 billion in annual social advertising revenue, I do not know how to revalue its own.

"a lot of financial investment bank believes that our business flow value has not been used better," the Tencent’s senior executive vice president, network media business system President Liu Shengyi accept the "First Financial Daily" interview, said, "in the end is not underestimated? Can really count, how much traffic, how much income, it can out." read more