Xu Dehong used Taobao shipping promotion strategy

This is the

version of the "digital" sellers should be invited to share the editor about Taobao store shipping strategy how to formulate a small text, for everyone to share, we hope to have some help, welcome to discuss


at Taobao arena, the shipping promotions should be most dispensers are very good at one of the most simple gameplay, mostly on making strategic shipping is each one according to his lights. Set the bar high, off price increase, but the conversion rate is poor; set a low bar, the conversion rate is good, can not come off the price and shipping strategy; it seems really is not "a pat on the head" such a simple thing. The author has done a test, different packet policy on the conversion rate of the store will have an impact on 0.5-1%. read more

Voice of East Lake third Wuhan automotive industry portal development

third voice of East Lake, Wuhan automotive industry to explore the development of network portal, invited to the local auto industry website founder of Wuhan to do a breakdown of the industry discussion. For the automotive industry market, the practice of the automotive industry website, the automotive industry to explore the activities of the line, some of the views of the industry outlook and foresight, the successful conclusion of the event.

1 Wuhan "car all" external environment

The development of Wuhan read more

Easy to pick up cheap free bid micro business was $10 million A round of financing

micro price mall banner free bid banner to start the platform, and in April 27th was $10 million A round of financing. But the "price" behind the price but hidden mystery.

million dollar financing

yesterday announced the acquisition of millions of dollars A round of financing offer free business platform micro mall price before the current round of financing by Morningside venture capital investment led, a number of well-known investors with investment. Micro mall was established in May 2014, the second round of millions of angel round investment. It is understood that after this round of financing, micro mall will continue to layout mobile terminal products, and gradually complete the business closed loop. read more

Watercress interest in marketing of the road patience before Ming

interest marketing. In the whole social media development has now shown All flowers bloom together. situation, for different users, different usage scenarios, even adapt to various devices with a variety of social media in the environment in the growth, based on a social media that the community is also a the giant social business. Network in the growth of technology in growth, as well as our users their IQ, their ability to distinguish are slowly growing, now more and more social media the traditional forms of advertising based on Internet has been excluded. read more

The city dimensional network acquisition tick group agreement has been signed shares converted

dimensional city of the main line of business under


technology news February 1st morning news, according to sources, the preferential information city dimensional network service providers has acquired the group purchase website tick group. At present, the two sides have signed a purchase agreement, and all the shares have been transformed into tick group velo shares. The city dimensional network or through the acquisition, by tick group supplement its online business short board. read more

Local portal market segments, specializing in a little, gather popularity

— market segments, specializing in a bit, gathering popularity [counterattack]

      after two years of hard work, he is still feeling, I can say, is a person to slowly groping in the local portal entrepreneurial things, hoping to guide personal website to do local portal webmaster. I also not what master, on the Internet is not " " people. Speak not understand the place, you can contact me, communicate with each other, progress.

      since that time. Failed to do local portal. I began to think about my market positioning, where is my target customers? Some people say: " portal big and full, yes, ah, popularity can slowly accumulate, how do you think it failed. " for that, I didn’t think too much at that time. There are several reasons: read more

Several music companies claim 20 million 500 thousand thunder for free download

plaintiff company refers to the thunder for the infringement of the online dissemination of audio products to provide channels and convenience, each infringement song claims 250 thousand yuan

core tip:

network era, the Internet has become a lot of people download music habits, but it seems that the behavior of the simple, behind the many stakeholders involved in the game.

In many

download, upload tool, thunder as influential download channel, bear the brunt of the music producers of the "siege", the defendant on the court, the plaintiff was Hong Kong music industry big 7, claims amounted to 20 million 500 thousand yuan, each of the first songs involved claims 250 thousand yuan. read more

Daily topic Shop No. 1, both the founder of the resignation of the No. 1 shop who will receive the d

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network July 15th news, recently rumored news, has become a reality, yesterday evening announced 1 store founder and chairman Yu Gang, co-founder and CEO Liu Junling’s departure, is looking for a suitable successor.

Yu Gang, rumors of leaving the job is not fresh, Liu Junling. At the end of last year to now, CTO Han Jun, vice president of Cheng Junyi market, many veteran entrepreneurs have left, about Yu Gang, Liu Junling left the news is widely spread in a variety of social media platforms. At that time, the news, shop 1, responsible person in an interview with reporters, said the rumor is pure. It said that Han Jun and Cheng Junyi’s departure is not because of the company. read more

Website promotion new model – blog promotion

The new pattern of website promotion blog promotion with the rapid development of Internet, the website promotion methods more and more attention by the webmaster, blog promotion as a branch, is the effective means of recommended website promotion now. However, the blog promotion is what? In addition to the site owners some savvy or fashion, most owners simply do not know that there is such thing as "blog promotion". However, in today’s China, the promotion of the Internet has become a new form of marketing, a rapid development of the media industry. 2006, the Internet advertising revenue has been 5% of the total advertising market share, blog promotion is in the network to promote its unique charm to show a strong potential for development.       blog promotion definition       what is blog promotion? This concept is the same as the promotion of the Internet, and there is no clear definition, in general, the main body of the network promotion is the enterprise or individual. A simple explanation is how to achieve a certain business or personal blog promotion purposes. Of course, to truly understand the blog promotion, it is necessary to understand the basic characteristics of blog communication. The blog is expression and communication, with the individual as the center so that its basic characteristics can be described by several key words: individual performance, the audience of small, full of knowledge content, divergent with high efficiency in the communication process. Say some image, analogy the traditional marketing way, so we can use performance magazine spread all the points, has the opinion leader of sexual orientation, mouth spread and viral marketing ability to summarize. Sina editor in chief Chen Tong had commented on the spread of the blog, he said: the blog to facilitate the establishment of a communication channel, so that the transfer of the corresponding information has reached an unprecedented high efficiency." Chen Tong said the "blog", "the corresponding information", in fact, refers to the interest of the same blog created by the circle of information and audience circle. And this is the most powerful blog spread. Because the blog information is more of a blog was released, so divergent many to many communication is sometimes better than "a mass of" more vitality and scalability, at the same time, but also losing the transmission path of all the points.       the meaning of blog promotion       in fact, the definition and function of blog and website, to some extent, have the same meaning. The site is different from the general blog, it covers all of the online activities, not just limited to "published articles and blog", but covering all aspects related to the website information, is a worthy of the name "one-stop" personal or enterprise portal. And each big blog site reprinted articles, make communication and communication more widely. It is for personal or business website image and product promotion advertising than inferior, the two are not contradictory, blog at a certain level but also for advertising provides a platform, but not to say with the blog will not need advertising, wide read more

A person from the media thinking do the media for what

from the media for what? Famous? Make money? Interest? In fact, no matter what to do, everyone’s purpose is not the same. And different purposes, resulting in each from the media have different results. Today, Shao Lianhu also tell you what I do from the media for


to today, I have done a year and 10 months from the media, it can be said that I do the purpose of the media are constantly changing. From the initial interest, to make money, to get to know the network, if you are interested, I slowly tell you to listen to…… read more

On how to effectively promote the personal film station

first now talk about personal movie station, popular on the market of Marx is the main film program and search a movie program, as for the difference between the two, we are interested can look at their official website to know, but now most people are using the MAX program, for use for the novice, simple and easy to use, easy to collect, so 70% personal movie stations have this program, well, no nonsense, back to the topic:

now we take the film and television 168 sites, for example, how to promote the film and television network, this site is done using the MAX program: read more

The first gold award ended WOM high growth companies won awards

in the first "China Internet development and Investment Forum and international awards, interactive word-of-mouth (IWOM) with the network marketing model and the growth rate of its own, won the 2009 annual" Gold Award "list of the" network marketing investment in high growth enterprises".

word of mouth interaction (IWOM) on behalf of the site award

organizers think, in China, no one can avoid the internet word-of-mouth marketing, word-of-mouth marketing field of supernormal development speed, leading the rise of social marketing, network marketing brings new ways; interactive word-of-mouth (IWOM) is growing up enterprises in such an environment, interactive way to 2 way the new Internet industry people, imperceptibly help clients achieve brand network marketing. read more

Twenty-first Century network of things short chain is easy to cross the line of ethics and even the

original title: pull a couple of twenty-first Century net, do not really

introduction: twenty-first Century net thing, the chain is short, it is easy to cross the line of ethics, morality and even the law.

casually pull two, don’t take it seriously.

the first thing to pull is credibility.

credibility, expand, is to make the public believe. It’s a matter of fact, not of value. Do not listen to the credibility of a sense of justice is not, no matter. Literally, the credibility is to believe, did not say let you agree. read more

Thousands of war who is Tencent nemesis The contention between our real work

does not believe the king Xing, cottage Groupon, number of the U.S. group, led to the grassroots competition cottage cottage buy tide. This is a thousand regiments.

Tencent Empire, Ma Huateng the great, the Internet industry "tyranny", also joined the melee, zhuluzhongyuan. Hate to tooth itch of the underlying Internet grassroots hate not aspirations hunger meal of penguin meat, thirsty to drink the blood of Tencent. As a result, the computer world a shocking article should be: "his damn Tencent". read more

ChinaNetCenter said louzui crisis public relations the annual report did not dress up because of poo

ChinaNetCenter crisis louzui said, executives made only because of "poor fiscal report listing did not dress up" to complete the listing will greatly raise, not whitewash report annual poor performance reason. Recently, ChinaNetCenter executives will decline in the performance of the company to make a response to the media, but the "insider" mouth "broke".

previously, the company’s annual report of the disclosure of net technology show that the fourth quarter of last year, the main loss of $1 million 590 thousand, the main net profit fell by 4.79%. A report from the uproar. Completion of the listing less than three months, the company’s performance will decline sharply. This makes many people doubt the profitability of the company. read more

This week, the media and PR industry upheaval enough to load history

last week was the second week of April 2015, seemingly calm, but under the waves of calm, the Chinese media and public relations industry in this week has changed enough to load history.

at this moment as a starter for more than 16 years of media people, hitherto unknown thoughts of ups and downs, can not help but think again Mr. Huang Renyu wrote "Wanli fifteen years". It was in 1587, this year, a lot of things, these things, the surface looks like the end of the bar, but in essence it is the crux of the event occurred before, but also the opportunity to set off waves in the future. The relationship between causes and effects, just as the focus of history. read more

The challenges posed by the rise of popular financing websites

in December last year, a iPhone for the production of aluminum charging base project on the Internet caused a boom in the announcement. The founder of the project raised nearly $1 million 500 thousand through Kickstarter, a public finance website, and has promised to send out the fashionable and beautiful Elevation charging seats they produced to people who supported the project in April.

but the Apple Corp (Apple) last week announced a new iPhone design, new mobile phone is not compatible with the charging seat, and because of manufacturing delays, some of the original sponsors of the project are still waiting for their products. Project designers are struggling to design the adapter, and update product. read more

The third phase of the last day of WeChat marketing training

With the continuous popularity of WeChat

focus, more and more enterprises and institutions to realize the huge marketing value of WeChat platform, WeChat will be the future of new media in recent years the most influential, but we also clearly see the Internet marketing training industry successfully, the Internet emerge overnight n called WeChat training master, speaking of micro-blog marketing when micro-blog users fire, WeChat users began marketing these masters without a whoop and a holler prestige, technical development team, not a market WeChat service experience, only by self hype and packaging lecture around how to carry out the WeChat marketing fudge enterprise, as a business and marketing personnel should be careful to distinguish. A5 webmaster network exclusive invite Nanjing cattle Friends Information Technology Co. Ltd. CEO sinus bright held WeChat marketing training, starting from the actual, through case analysis led us into the WeChat marketing field, unveiled the read more