Watch: Water Is Being Ejected From the Moon During Meteor Showers

Watch: Water Is Being Ejected From the Moon During Meteor Showers

first_imgStay on target Rare Harvest Moon Will Light Up Night Sky on Friday the 13thIndia Finds Lost Vikram Lander on Moon’s Surface It might be “raining” on the Moon: Scientists found that water is being released from the Moon during meteor showers, infusing the lunar atmosphere with a temporary water vapor.Researchers from NASA and the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Maryland reported that meteoroid strikes were ejecting water from the Moon, thanks to data collected by NASA’s Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE), a robotic mission that circled the Moon to collect information on the composition of the lunar atmosphere, said a NASA press release.Previously, models hypothesized that meteoroid strikes could eject water from the Moon in vapor form, however scientists hadn’t observed this occurrence until LADEE’s mission. Detected by LADEE, the newly-identified meteoroid streams took place on Jan. 9, April 2, April 5, and April 9 in 2014. The researchers, who published their findings in the journal Nature Geoscience, explored how these meteoroid strikes could help determine the origin of water on the Moon and how much of it exists on the lunar surface.“The Moon doesn’t have significant amounts of H2O or OH [hydroxyl – a more reactive relative of water] in its atmosphere most of the time,” Richard Elphic, the LADEE project scientist at NASA’s Ames Research Center in California’s Silicon Valley, said in the press release. “But when the Moon passed through one of these meteoroid streams, enough vapor was ejected for us to detect it. And then, when the event was over, the H2O or OH went away.”LADEE, which orbited the Moon from October 2013 to April 2014, sensed the vapor with its Neutral Mass Spectrometer. The mission gathered data on the composition and structure of the Moon’s atmosphere, or more specifically, the “exosphere,” a thin envelope of gases that circle the Moon.An infographic on the lunar water cycle based on LADEE’s new observations. (Photo Credit: NASA Goddard / Mehdi Benna / Jay Friedlander)Here’s how meteoroid showers could release water on the Moon: Meteoroids have to penetrate at least three inches below the lunar surface to eject water and under this dry top layer is a thin transition layer, followed by a hydrated layer, where water molecules might cling to tiny bits of soil and rock. Since the lunar surface has fluffy materials, meteoroids can easily pierce the lunar surface to release some vapor and with each meteoroid impact, a small shock of waves releases water from the surrounding space. So when meteoroids hit the lunar surface, the freed water will enter the exosphere, move through it, and then roughly two-thirds of vapor heads to space, while roughly one-third lands back on the Moon’s surface.It’s raining … on the Moon?! Scientists have discovered that water is being released on the lunar surface during meteor showers. Get more details:— NASA (@NASA) June 7, 2019Using the measurements of water in the exosphere, the researchers determined that the hydrated layer has a water concentration of roughly 200 to 500 parts per million and this concentration is less wet than the driest terrestrial soil. The researchers believe that some of the water has to generate from the Moon, since the mass of the water being ejected is greater than the water mass within the meteoroids striking the Moon. With these findings, scientists can better understand the history of lunar water and how it might impact future missions to the Moon.More on NASA Picks First Companies to Send Experiments to the MoonNASA Spots Beresheet Impact Site on MoonNASA Orbiter Snaps ‘Jawbreaker’ Candy Martian Full Moon Picturelast_img read more

Startling evidence at Janneh Commission

Startling evidence at Janneh Commission

first_imgBy Mamadou DemVarious amounts totaling over 158 million dalasis and more than 5 million dollars were withdrawn on different dates from the account of the National Youth Development Fund at the Central Bank of The Gambia. This is what the Principal Banking Officer, Central Bank of The Gambia, Karamo Jawara told the Janneh Commission yesterday as he continued with his evidence on the Accounts opened by the office of the former President. When these two sums are added the total far exceeds 300 million dalasis.Mr. Jawara explained about the account of the National Youth Development Fund as well as the information obtained and transactions done on this account. He said the said account consisted of both dalasi and dollar accounts; adding that the dalasi account was opened on the 13th of June, 2013 with the account number 1101004122 and was closed on 29th August, 2013 while the dollar was opened on July 4th, 2014 with the account number 1103001826.According to the witness, the dalasi account was later closed but prior to its closure the amount deposited was D158,149,225.36 and the last transaction was D113,335,154.22 while the total withdrawal was D158,149,225.36.The witness further disclosed that the said dalasi account was opened and controlled by the office of the President and the signatories were Momodou Sabally, Nuha Touray, Abdoulie M Sallah and Kalilou Bayo. He said no purpose was stated for the opening of the account.  At that juncture, Counsel Bensouda applied to tender the information of the dalasi account. Mr. Jawara said the source of the fund for this account was from Republic of China on Taiwan and there were four withdrawals but the balance was transferred to the dollar account after a request was made.Recalling the transactions on the said account, Mr. Jawara said the first withdrawal was 8th July, 2013 and the amount requested by the office of the president signed by Sabally and Touray was D33,820,620.00 and the next transaction was 11th July, 2013 and the amount paid was D7,373,451.25 after receiving an instruction from the office of the president signed by Sabally but no purpose was stated. He added that there was another transaction amounting to D3,620,000 signed by Sabally while the next transaction was D1,038,335.On the dollar account the amount deposited was $5,301,325.75 and the source of fund for this account according to him was from the Republic of China on Taiwan. He said Nuha Touray made a request for dalasi to be converted to dollar. At that juncture Counsel Bensouda tendered the account information and change of denomination request from Governor of Central Bank which was admitted as an exhibit.According to him the total amount withdrawn from the dollar account was $5,301,325.25. However, the witness was asked to add the total withdrawal and the cash spent on tuition since the total withdrawal from this account and cash spent on tuition were not available with him at the time. He was therefore given time to furnish the Commission with these transactions.With regards to the State Aircraft Special Account he said this was in Euro Account denomination with the account number 09201200525. He said the account was opened on the 7th July, 2011, operated and controlled by office of the former President. Mr. Jawara testified that the first transaction was 12 October, 2011 and the last transaction was 13th December, 2011. “This request was sent to the Governor, Central Bank from the Director of Treasury for the opening of this account. The account is not closed but not active and the signatories to the account were Yahya Jammeh and Mamburay Njie, then Finance Minister and the source of funds was the State of Qatar but the purpose for the funds was not stated,” said the witness.Counsel Bensouda at that juncture applied to tender the account opening request which was in dalasi denomination as well as statement of accounts and signatories to the account as exhibits. “Total amount deposited into this account was €3,999,000 and the purpose of the funds was not stated,” he revealed.According to him the first withdrawal on this account was on the 23rd November, 2011 a cash withdrawal of €500,000 but they couldn’t trace the transaction documents but the order was from the Office of the President.Mr Jawara further recalled that the second transaction was a cash payment on 1 December, 2011 and the amount withdrawn was €503, 190.97 and the transaction took place outside the banking hours but he only has a payment voucher and they have no information for the payment of this amount.He recalled that the next transaction was €1,000,000 cash withdrawal which also took place outside the banking hours and another withdrawal of €1,000,000 paid to the Global Trading Company through a bank transfer in Brussels for the purchase of Boeing 757, noting that it was in respect of an invoice from the Global Trading Company to the Office of the President.Mr Jawara further testified that on 2 December, 2011 there was another withdrawal of €720,000 paid to the Global Trading Company for the purchase of four coach buses and the invoice for the transaction was sent to the Kanilai Family Farm.The last transaction he went further was €270,000 paid to Global Trading Company for the purchase of buses and the invoices were addressed to the Kanilai Family Farm and the balance left in the account was €1702.03.Counsel Bensouda thereof applied to tender the transaction documents for the purchase of the Boeing 757, buses among other relevant documents as exhibits.According to the CBG official the said account was opened after the fund was received from the state of Qatar.Mr Jawara further told the commission that the total amount of cash withdrawn from the Youth Development Fund dollar account for the maintenance of state aircraft was D600,000.He finally told the commission that there was no transaction on the Fish Landing Account which he said was opened by the Fisheries Department and the amount deposited was D4, 85,936.65 and the signatories to the account were Ismaila Sanyang and Lamin Nyabally.Counsel Bensouda at that point applied to tender the account opening information request, statement of the account as well as the signatories to the account as exhibits.Mr Jawara is however expected to give evidence on the account of the First Lady and the Special Account of the National Security next week.Next to testify was Mr. Nuha Touray, former Secretary to Cabinet. He informed the Commission that he is not aware as to whether there was a policy governing the award of scholarship to students by the office of the President. He said the award of scholarship was purely discretionary by the President as he decides who and who not to sponsor.According to Mr. Touray, the Ministry of Higher Education usually sent a list of sponsors and at times the president will even add names. At this point the witness surrendered an approval made by the former president awarding scholarships to certain students.According to the witness, a competent company was subcontracted for renovating the complex at the Ministry of Justice but there was no tender prior to awarding the contract to competent. “I believe Sindola Safari lodge belongs to the former President. He also confirmed payments amounting to $99,000; adding that a request was sent to the former president for payments to be made to T.K Motors in respect of purchase of vehicles and the amount liable was D19,000,000 out of which they paid D10,000,000. Mr. Touray also confirmed payments of $280,310.00 for the purchase of red carpet from Morocco; adding that he has the invoice relating to that payment. When asked by Commission counsel why he decided to copy some of the transactions he responded that he knew that a day of reckoning will come.The former Cabinet Secretary further testified that it is correct that he was authorized to receive the sum of $700,000 by the President as well as $300,000.00 in dalasi from Special Project Fund Account for Vision 2016 .  “I received the money and sent it to the President through his protocol officer Sanna Jarju. I don’t have anything to show that I handed over the money to Sanna Jarju,” said Touray.  He said he doesn’t know what the money was meant for.The witness further confirmed to counsel that he was a signatory to the Sand Mining Account; adding that when Sabally used to hand over money to Yahya Jammeh, he used to call him as a witness and the orderly to the President had a quire book and used to record the handing over as they also confirmed the money handed over to the exiled President.He said on the 31st of December, 2013 there was a payment made to Momodou Sabally amounting to D5,000,000 but he couldn’t explain what the money was meant for. He added that the sum of D600,000 was paid to various governors to enable them buy and slaughter cattle in their various localities and the money was to be refunded but he didn’t know whether the said money was refunded. He said he did not know what happened to monies derived from Ram sales.According to him, at the time he left office there were three Aircrafts owned by the State and he witnessed the final payment for an aircraft which was a loaned from Social Security Housing and Finance Corporation (SSHFC) to government. “I witnessed the signing of an agreement between the Managing Director of SSHFC and Secretary General. For the other two aircrafts; I don’t know how they were acquired.”At that juncture, Counsel Bensouda applied to tender supporting documents brought by the witness including payments from the Tax Recovery Account. Mr. Touray  also confirmed payments of over D13,000,000.00 for Pilgrims from Guaranty Trust Tax Recovery Account which he said the former President promised to refund but he doubted if the money was refunded. He added that he was aware of construction of boats which were given to communities in North Bank Region for fishing.When asked about the genesis of executive directives by Commissioner Bai Mass Saine, the witness said it was a difficult question for him to answer; adding that executive directives were limited to public institutions. “Does the President has a free hand in running the country how he likes?,” Saine quizzed.  “Yes but it is not a Constitutional Mandate,” replied Touray.Responding further, the witness informed the Commission that there were consequences for questioning or rejecting directives made by the former President because in the course of doing so, individuals or civil servants might lose their jobs, be imprisoned or possibly disappear; adding that the former president was very aggressive and ruthless.Sittings continue today at Djembe Hotel.last_img read more

Driver of pickup that collided with train taken off life support

first_imgA 55-year-old man whose pickup collided with a BNSF Railway train earlier this month in Washougal has been taken off life support, according to his family.The man, identified as Gary Schafte of Washougal, was taken in critical condition to PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center in Vancouver following the crash, the Camas Police Department confirmed.After 10 days in the hospital, it was determined that Schafte was brain-dead, and his family collectively decided to take him off life support Monday night, wife Rhonda Nelson-Schafte said in an email.Schafte worked at Columbia Cascade Timberform for more than three decades as a forklift driver. He is survived by his wife and two children, Lacey Bieker and Ryan Schafte.The Camas-Washougal Fire Department was dispatched at 6:23 a.m. July 15 for a report of a crash involving a train on the tracks at Third Street, north of C Street. Police officers also responded.last_img read more

Jayne Remember divided we fall

first_imgGreg Jayne, Opinion page editor It is an interesting thought experiment. A radical one, but last week ran an interview with a reader who believes the United States should be divided into several different countries. “I feel like it’s gotten to the point where the U.S. is too big to fail,” said Chris, a 35-year-old white male from rural Pennsylvania. “And when something’s too big to fail, people stop working hard to make it work because they think it can’t fail.”The interview was part of the website’s “Political Confessional” series — “about the views that Americans are scared to share with their friends and neighbors.” Like we said, those views can be a bit radical. But some of Chris’ thoughts reflect a painful truth: “It’s almost gotten to the point where there’s no way to build bridges; people like to light them on fire. There’s really no empathy toward each other, and you need that to build bridges.”Well said. And, sadly, difficult to dispute.In truth, there is nothing new about this idea of splitting the United States into five or seven or nine or 11 countries. The guess is that the Founding Fathers never envisioned a nation stretching from sea to shining sea, and a quick search reveals articles about the concept from The Federalist, New York Magazine, Business Insider, The Week and other outlets in just the past year.And, in truth, there would be benefits from a new country consisting of Washington, Oregon and California. Despite a population of only about 51 million people, we would have the world’s third-largest economy — behind China and Japan. We would have a nation with unapologetically progressive policies without having to economically prop up the likes of West Virginia and Mississippi and Wyoming.Nothing against the good people of West Virginia or Mississippi or Wyoming or any other state in the union. But, as an aside, the places that most vociferously complain about government assistance typically are the places that receive the most. And for those who want to run the federal government like a businesses, you better be prepared to shut down Kentucky, the most-subsidized state in the country.last_img read more

State Use lane space before zipper merge

first_imgRick Keniston looked ahead toward the largely empty lane on the right side of state Highway 14, just east of Interstate 205.“It should be full of cars,” Keniston, regional traffic engineer for the Washington State Department of Transportation, said during Wednesday’s afternoon rush hour as vehicles inched slowly toward east Vancouver, Camas and Washougal. “Some of them get it, but not very many.”WSDOT is joining other agencies from across the nation that want drivers, during heavy congestion, to change what is widely considered the courteous technique for highway merging.Last week, the state installed three signs along Highway 14 eastbound urging drivers during congestion to wait until their lane ends before doing a “zipper” merge where vehicles alternate and come together like the teeth of a zipper.Transportation officials say using all available lane space during congestion can reduce the length of backups by as much as 40 percent. The zipper merge also can improve safety by reducing speed differences between lanes and pare the potential for rear-end crashes triggered when a driver stops or slows to merge, even though there is plenty of pavement ahead.“We want them to go the full length of the lane and then merge in,” said Celeste Dimichina, a WSDOT communications consultant. “We are encouraging people to wait until the last second to merge.”last_img read more

Pellegrini unsure of Arnautovics future at West Ham

Pellegrini unsure of Arnautovics future at West Ham

first_imgWest Ham manager Manuel Pellegrini says it’s ‘wait and see’ when asked about the future of striker Marko Arnautovic.Arnautovic was the subject of a £35m bid from an unnamed Chinese club last week.The Austrian forward appeared to wave fans goodbye when he was substituted in their 1-0 home victory against Arsenal, fuelling speculation that he’s close to leaving West Ham.Hammers boss Pellegrini is confident the club will resolve the situation in the next couple of days.declan rice, england, West ham UnitedReport: England’s Rice gets death threats George Patchias – September 9, 2019 England International Declan Rice has received death threats.Rice a one time Ireland International, switched allegiances only this year. The West Ham United man played for…“We will see what will happen in the next days with Marko,” he told the club’s website.“It’s an issue that the club must see what’s best for the club, the player and everyone. I hope the best position for everyone will be taken.“I’ve been in the situation a lot of times, I’ve been a manager for 30 years, but we will be calm about it because there is nothing 100% sure. We will see how it develops in the next days.”last_img read more

Officers hold traffic stop safety demonstration in Miami Gardens

Officers hold traffic stop safety demonstration in Miami Gardens

first_imgMIAMI GARDENS, FLA. (WSVN) – Officers from three South Florida police departments conducted a traffic stop safety demonstration in Miami Gardens, Saturday morning.Law enforcement from Miami Gardens, Miami and Miramar gathered at Mount Hermon Church on Northwest 25th Avenue and 179th Street to educate citizens on what to do and what not to do when stopped by police. Partnered with Mount Hermon A.M.E. Church of Miami Gardens along with local & neighboring police departments for Traffic Stop demonstrations! The objective was to educate the community about the do’s & dont’s during a traffic stop, a few traffic laws…— MGPD (@MGPDFL) April 14, 2018Dozens stood by and watched as officers went through an in-depth demonstration of a routine traffic stop.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Australia PM Scott Morrison backs Queensland 2032 Olympic bid

Australia PM Scott Morrison backs Queensland 2032 Olympic bid

first_imgSYDNEY: Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has thrown his support behind a potential bid by Queensland state to host the 2032 Olympics, saying the government “will be there every step of the way”. The state capital Brisbane has been mulling whether it can justify the expense of hosting such a major event, and has carried out feasibility studies which impressed IOC chief Thomas Bach when he visited the city in May. Also Read – EAM Jaishankar calls on European Parliament President David Sassoli Advertise With Us Morrison said he supported a bid after meeting Bach and Australian Olympic Committee president John Coates following the G20 summit in Osaka. “A Brisbane Olympics has the potential to be a game-changer for southeast Queensland and my government will be there every step of the way,” he told reporters in Japan late Sunday.”Just like in Sydney (which hosted the 2000 Olympics), a Queensland Olympics, led by Brisbane, would be an economic and job boom and would show off the entire state to the world,” he added. Also Read – This is why Denmark, Sweden and Germany are considering a meat tax Advertise With Us With the next two Olympics in Europe and North America, the 2032 showpiece is expected to take place in the Asia-Pacific region. So far Jakarta, which hosted the last Asian Games, has applied and Mumbai has expressed interest, while the IOC has also suggested a joint bid by the two Koreas. During his recent visit to Australia, Bach said it was encouraging to see the interest given that 2024-host Paris and Los Angeles in 2028 were selected unopposed. Advertise With Us A healthy slate of candidates for 2032 is seen as necessary to restore faith in the process. Coates said in a statement Monday that Bach was open to the Games being hosted in several cities or regions, as opposed to just Brisbane. “We have significant existing sports infrastructure across multiple locations in southeast Queensland,” he said. The next steps would be the formation of a “Leadership Group”, completion of an economic feasibility study by the Queensland government and finalisation of a competition venue master-plan, he added. The IOC is not due to select the host until 2025.last_img read more

SpiceJet Q2 net profit doubles on higher operating revenues

first_imgBudget carrier SpiceJet posted a net profit for the seventh straight quarter ended September 30, 2016, on the back of lower fuel costs and higher operating income. Net profit rose 103 percent to Rs 58.9 crore for the September quarter (Q2) in comparison to Rs 29 crore in the corresponding period last year.The Ajay Singh-owned company saw its income from operations rise 35 percent to Rs 1,400.39 crore from Rs 1,040.13 crore in the year-ago period.”This was the weakest quarter of the year and despite the intense competition in the market, SpiceJet has performed exceptionally well. We continue to focus on responsible and profitable growth,” Ajay Singh, chairman and managing director, Spicejet Limited, said in a statement.SpiceJet marginally increased its market share to 12.9 percent in October from 12.5 percent in the previous month but the passenger load factor (PLF) dropped to 91.9 percent from 93.5 percent in September, according to the DGCA data.The company recently announced a promotional offer to woo travellers.The share price of SpiceJet closed 1.48 percent higher at Rs 65.35 on Friday on the BSE. The promoters hold 60.32 percent stake in the company, according to a regulatory filing for the September quarter.Jet Airways and IndiGo-owner Interglobe Aviation had declared their Q2 results earlier.Other companies in the domestic aviation space include AirAsia India, Vistara, GoAir and national carrier Air India.last_img read more

Discover the New BCG Vaccines Sales Market Report 2018 –

first_imgAbout usAllied Market Research, a market research and advisory company of Allied Analytics LLP, provides business insights and market research reports to large as well as small & medium enterprises. The company assists its clients to strategize business policies and achieve sustainable growth in their respective market domain.Allied Market Research provides one stop solution from the beginning of data collection to investment advice. The analysts at Allied Market Research dig out factors that help clients to understand the significance and impact of market dynamics. The company amplies client’s insight on the factors, such as strategies, future estimations, growth or fall forecasting, opportunity analysis, and consumer surveys among others. As follows, the company offers consistent business intelligent support to aid the clients to turn into prominent business firm. BCG Vaccines Sales Market According to a new report published by Allied Market Research, titled,“Global BCG Vaccines Sales Market by Drug Type, Usage, End User, Region: Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2018 – 2025,”the Global BCG vaccines sales market size is expected to increase and is anticipated to reach $65 million by 2025, registering a CAGR of 4.2% from 2019 to 2025.BCG vaccine is a live attenuated vaccine used for the prevention of tuberculosis. The types of BCG drugs include immune BCG and therapy BCG. The BCG vaccines sales market growth has increased owing to gained prominence in the recent years due to high prevalence of tuberculosis worldwide and rise in number of drug-resistant tuberculosis cases. However, replacement for BCG vaccine is expected to restrain the market growth.Download Sample Report @ on drug type, the immune BCG segment is the highest revenue contributor and is also expected to exhibit the fastest growth rate of 4.9%. This is attributed to the wider use of BCG vaccine to acquire immunity against tuberculosis and absence of substitute to BCG vaccines currently.Asia-Pacific was the highest revenue contributor in the global BCG vaccines sales market share, accounting for 70% of the total market in 2017. However, LAMEA is expected to grow at the highest rate, owing to the number of developing nations present in this region, rise in technological advancements in the vaccines procured, increased awareness, and higher disposable income.Based on usage, the tuberculosis segment occupied the largest share of the market in 2017 and is expected to grow at the highest rate during the forecast period. Factors such as high prevalence of tuberculosis and large number of deaths due to tuberculosis globally significantly contribute toward the growth of this segment.Send Enquiry on this report @ end user, the pediatrics occupied the largest share in 2017, owing to increase in adoption of BCG vaccines due to its efficacy to prevent tuberculosis in pediatrics.Key Findings of the BCG Vaccines Sales Market:Europe occupied one-third share of the global BCG vaccines sales market in 2017.The tuberculosis segment is anticipated to grow with the highest CAGR throughout the forecast period.The pediatrics segment accounted for three-fourth share of the market in 2017.Immune BCG is anticipated to grow at the highest rate during the analysis period.The major companies profiled in this report include AJ Vaccines, China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation (Sinopharm), Greensignal Bio Pharma Limited, Intervax Ltd, Japan BCG Laboratory, Merck & Company Inc, Sanofi S.A., Serum Institute of India Pvt. Ltd., and Statens Serum Institute.For More Info on this Report, Visit @ “The BCG vaccines sales market has gained the interest of the healthcare industry due to high efficacy of BCG vaccines to help TB prevention in pediatrics coupled with its application in bladder cancer treatment. Recent developments such as product launches & approvals and collaborations & partnerships in the market by key players propel the market growth.”last_img read more

Azure DevOps report How a bug caused sqlite3 for Python to go

first_imgYesterday, Youhana Naseim the Group Engineering Manager at Azure Pipelines provided a post-mortem of the bug, due to which a sqlite3 module in the Ubuntu 16.04 image for Python went missing from May 14th. The Azure DevOps team identified the bug on May 31st and fixed it on June 26th. Naseim apologized to all the affected customers for the delay in detecting and fixing the issue. How Azure DevOps team detected and fixed the issue The Azure DevOps team upgraded the versions of Python, which were included in the Ubuntu 16.04 image with M151 payload. These versions of Python’s build scripts consider sqlite3 as an optional module, hence the builds were carried out successfully despite the missing sqlite3 module. Naseim says that, “While we have test coverage to check for the inclusion of several modules, we did not have coverage for sqlite3 which was the only missing module.” The issue was first reported by a user who received the M151 deployment containing the bug via the Azure Developer Community on May 20th. But the Azure support team escalated, only after receiving more reports during the M152 deployment on May 31st. The support team then proceed with the M153 deployment, after posting a workaround for the issue, as the M152 deployment would take at least 10 days. Further, due to an internal miscommunication, the support team didn’t start the M153 deployment to Ring 0 until June 13th. To safeguard the production environment, Azure DevOps rolls out changes in a progressive and controlled manner via the ring model of deployments. To safeguard the production environment, Azure DevOps rolls out changes in a progressive and controlled manner via the ring model of deployments. The team then resumed deployment to Ring 1 on June 17th and reached Ring 2 by June 20th. Finally, after a few failures, the team fully deployed the M153 deployment by June 26th. Azure’s future workarounds to deliver timely fixes The Azure team has set out plans to make improvements to their deployment and hotfix processes with an aim to deliver timely fixes. Their long term plan is to provide customers with the ability to choose to revert to the previous image as a quick workaround for issues introduced in new images. The detailed medium and short plans are as given below: Medium-term plans Add the ability to better compare what changed on the images to catch any unexpected discrepancies that our test suite might miss. Increase the speed and reliability of deployment process. Short term plans Build a full CI Pipeline for image generation for verifying images daily. Add test coverage for all modules in the Python standard library including sqlite3. Improving the support team’s communication with the support team to escalate issues more quickly. Add telemetry, so it would be possible to detect and diagnose issues more quickly. Implement measures, which will enable reverting to prior image versions quickly and mitigate issues faster. Visit the Azure Devops status site for more details. Read More Ubuntu has decided to drop i386 (32-bit) architecture from Ubuntu 19.10 onwards Xubuntu 19.04 releases with latest Xfce package releases, new wallpapers and more Ubuntu 19.04 Disco Dingo Beta releases with support for Linux 5.0 and GNOME 3.32last_img read more

Mosquitoborne dengue targeted by antibody with hope for vaccine

Mosquitoborne dengue targeted by antibody with hope for vaccine

first_imgRelated posts:The hidden environmental factors behind the spread of Zika and other devastating diseases Zika alert: Costa Rica increases surveillance of travelers entering the country Costa Rica’s inclusion in Zika travel warning has tourism leaders worried Health officials testing first two cases of Ticos who could have the chikungunya virus LONDON — Scientists have discovered new antibodies that neutralize viruses that cause dengue, potentially putting a universal vaccine within reach for a mosquito-borne illness that strikes an estimated 400 million people a year.The antibodies are effective against all four dengue viruses, according to an article published Monday in Nature Immunology. A vaccine being developed by Sanofi has had mixed results, helping to protect people from three of the viruses in one trial, and in all four in a bigger study.Dengue is carried by mosquitoes and is common in the tropics, with Brazil and Indonesia reporting the most cases. About a quarter of those infected develop symptoms, with most enduring pain and a fever that lasts about a week. The most severe cases develop hemorrhagic fever, which can be fatal. About 20,000 people die from dengue each year, according to the World Health Organization.Dengue has spread “exponentially” over the last 50 years, leading to epidemics that have virtually shut down cities, said Gavin Screaton, a professor at Imperial College London and the lead author of the paper, told reporters. “Without a vaccine, it’s unlikely that this disease will ever be controlled.”Imperial College has filed for a patent to protect its discovery, Screaton said in an interview. The university may eventually license or sell its intellectual property. Besides Sanofi, other companies working on dengue vaccines include Osaka, Japan-based Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. and Merck & Co.Sanofi, the Paris-based company that has developed polio vaccines, is investing an estimated $800 million in clinical trials and a manufacturing plant to come up with dengue drugs.The researchers analyzed monoclonal antibodies — proteins produced by the immune system — from human patients who were infected with the virus. In lab tests, the “extremely potent” antibodies were capable of neutralizing dengue in insect and human cells, Screaton said.Dengue victims become immune to the virus that infects them, but become more susceptible to other versions of the virus.“If you’re going to get very, very sick, it’s far more likely when you’re infected for the second time,” Screaton said. “There’s something about the immune response form the first bite that primes you for a second infection.”Researchers theorize that dengue has become more virulent because the four viruses, once isolated in remote tropical regions, are now mixing as globalization means people and goods bring them together. The disease takes hold in cities because mosquitoes thrive where they find stagnant water, such as tire dumps and construction sites.“It’s a disease of urbanization,” Screaton said.© 2014, Bloomberg News Facebook Commentslast_img read more

1 dead as vehicle overturns

1 dead as vehicle overturns

first_imgThe driver of a Mercedes-Benz died this afternoon (Thursday) while travelling from Ladysmith towards Colenso.He allegedly lost control of the vehicle and overturned onto Tugela Game Reserve property. 2 children, aged 4 and 6, are in a critical condition, while their father sustained serious injuries.All the injured were stabilised on scene before being transported to Ladysmith Provincial Hospital by EMRS and Sharaj Ambulance Services paramedics for further treatment.Colenso police and breakdown services also responded to the scene,It is unclear as to exactly how the accident happened and Colenso SAPS will be investigating.There was no obstruction to traffic after the crash. WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsitelast_img read more

ClintonBush fund puts 26 million into Haiti

first_imgThe Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit was created after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti to strengthen the poor country’s economy by supporting Haitian nonprofits and businesses.The announcement was made Wednesday.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) 4 sleep positions for men and what they mean Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debates Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family Comments   Share   5 things to look for when selecting an ophthalmologist PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) – A nonprofit set up by former U.S. Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush has issued nearly $2.6 million in loans and grants to help Haitian businesses and job training programs.The money given by the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund goes to projects such as renovations at an oceanfront hotel in southern Haiti, training of nursing faculty at a college, small business loans and purchase of equipment for a construction company. The average interest rate on the loans is 3.5 percent.center_img Sponsored Stories Top Stories More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths Top ways to honor our heroes on Veterans Daylast_img read more

EU refugee response exposes divisions meagre ambitions

EU refugee response exposes divisions meagre ambitions

first_img BRUSSELS (AP) — The European Union decided Friday to share 40,000 of the refugees landing in Italy and Greece but foot-dragging and verbal sniping over the move exposed deep divisions about how to deal with Europe’s massive migrant influx.While the size of the challenge is daunting, the EU’s response has been underwhelming. More than 114,000 migrants fleeing wars or poverty have been plucked from the Mediterranean so far this year as they try to cross in unseaworthy smugglers’ boats. Some 2,600 have died or are missing along the route, according to the International Organization for Migration. Comments   Share   Ultimately, around a dozen EU nations oppose the obligatory quota plan. A further 12 that would support it want the method for sharing out the refugees reassessed.Humanitarian group Doctors Without Borders, which staffs reception centers in Italy and Greece and works aboard three ships in the Mediterranean looking for refugees, said the EU still has not fully grasped the challenge it faces, especially with the war in Syria dragging on.“Even without compulsory relocation, reception capacities and services for people arriving in Greece and Italy will urgently need to be improved to deal with people humanely,” said the group’s migration expert, Aurelie Ponthieu.___Nicole Winfield contributed from RomeCopyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies 5 ways to recognize low testosterone Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel called Friday’s decision “saddening and disappointing.”“There is a lack of ambition, a lack of will,” he said. “It wasn’t a sense of solidarity that dominated around that table.”With some 60 million refugees in the world, this effort from a wealthy, half-a-billion-strong bloc appears paltry when countries like Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey are hosting hundreds of thousands of people displaced by conflict.Even the decision to share 40,000 Syrians and Eritreans arriving over the next two years — and a separate move to resettle 20,000 refugees from outside Europe — only came after an emotional appeal from Italy.“If you don’t agree with 40,000 refugees you don’t deserve to be called Europe,” Renzi was quoted as saying to the leaders as the debate dragged into the night.“If this is your idea of Europe, you can keep it. Either there is solidarity or don’t waste our time,” he said, according to an EU diplomat, who asked not to be identified because the discussions were not public.The emergency plan was launched in response to the deaths of hundreds of migrants in the Mediterranean earlier this year. At a hastily organized summit, ships, planes and other equipment were pledged to help rescue those trying to come. But as the media spotlight faded, so has the EU’s commitment to its partners. Sponsored Stories Top Stories Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall Mesa family survives lightning strike to home Migrants walk near a reception centre for migrants in Debrecen, Hungary, 230 kms from Budapest, Thursday, June 25, 2015. (Zsolt Czegledi/MTI via AP) Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility “It is — to tell the disturbing truth — a very modest effort,” European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said Friday after EU leaders agreed at a summit to decide by late July on how to distribute the refugees.Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi agreed.“It’s not a big number,” he said. “For Italy it’s a small help, but there’s still a lot of work to do.”Greece and Italy have been swamped by the arrivals, while Hungary and Bulgaria are also under pressure from thousands of migrants traveling over land. Things are likely to get worse amid the summer high season for migrant crossings.Radical action is being taken around Europe in response. Hungary has pledged to build a fence to keep out the torrent of migrants crossing its border with Serbia. France and Italy have been at loggerheads over the movement of migrants along their common border. Police have dismantled migrant camps in northern France, from where people are hoping to cross into Britain.Greece and Italy have been accused of not properly screening arrivals and allowing them to move deeper into the 28-nation EU.In an effort to ease some of their burden, Juncker’s team has tried to force northern EU countries to share the burden, but any notion of mandatory migrant quotas for each nation was rejected at the summit. Get a lawn your neighbor will be jealous of The vital role family plays in societylast_img read more

Dan Campbell 39 to be named interim head coach of the

Dan Campbell 39 to be named interim head coach of the

first_imgA source familiar with Campbell told FootballScoop that Campbell has “incredible work ethic. He gets the most out of his players and they respect him. He’s very passionate about his job.”With head coach Joe Philbin out, and defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle reportedly out as well (per Jason Cole), Campbell needs to make this about the players and let them do their thing. Will be very interesting to see how this one plays out.As always, keep an eye on The Scoop for all the latest news.Update> The Dolphins have now announced Campbell as the interim head coach. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Sponsored By Connatix Dan Campbell, at age 39, is expected to be named interim head coach of the Dolphins shortly per multiple media reports.Campbell played tight end at Texas A&M before spending ten seasons in the NFL with the Giants, Cowboys, Lions and Saints. In 2010 he began his coaching career as a coaching intern with the Dolphins.From 2011 through yesterday, Campbell served as the tight ends coach for the Dolphins. A “players coach”, Campbell is now in charge of refocusing the players on just playing football. Giving their full effort and letting the results follow.last_img read more

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