n 2017 China latest ten liquor brand ranking

liquor market in our country after all has an unusual position in the market, either as an ordinary drink, or a table to the products, has a very large market demand in Chinese. In short, liquor has always been one of the characteristics of the Chinese feast, is unique in China, and renowned at home and abroad. As for wine liquor, what brand of liquor bigger is better? The following small series to introduce you to China in 2017 the latest ten liquor brands list.

2017 China latest ten liquor brand rankings, Jinliufu


Jinliufu is a well-known brands of liquor, Jinliufu Liquor Sales Co., Ltd. was born in 1996. Since its inception, with the advanced marketing model, and China’s liquor industry leader Wuliangye group powerful combination, has now developed into the best professional liquor sales. China’s top ten liquor brands list is the first.

2017 China’s top ten liquor brands NO.2, Luzhou

Luzhou Lao Jiao (jià o) is one of the four famous Chinese the oldest, the flavor of the originator, the wine master ", China large liquor companies. The 1573 national treasure pits group in 1996 to become the industry’s first national key cultural relics protection units, the traditional brewing techniques in 2006 selected the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage, known as the "double treasure", its products Guo Jiao 1573 known as "Living Heritage brewing", "Chinese liquor appreciation standard grade wine".

2017 Chinese latest ten liquor brand ranking NO.3, wuliangchun

wuliangchun is one of the most outstanding brand Wuliangye liquor series, one of the most excellent liquor brand is the high-end liquor market, whether it is wine quality, or brand image, wuliangchun have enjoyed a good reputation in the industry. Wuliangchun pedigree, natural beauty "advertising language is legendary. In the key market wuliangchun Jiangsu, wuliangchun has continued selling for many years, to create a good performance at the top of the single product sales.

2017 China’s top ten liquor brands NO.4,

Erguotou Erguotou Niulanshan, ancestor. Erguotou as Beijing wine, has a history of more than and 800 years. The winemaker wine steaming, go to the first pot of wine "," wine pot abandoned third tail "," qiatouquwei take the middle ", only take the second of your wine. Niulanshan Erguotou, gas line in September 4, 2002 won the "national Erguotou certificate of origin".

2017 China’s top ten liquor brands

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