The old, let you fall in love with the casserole casserole habitat

old on the casserole, to see whether you have been aware of this casserole brand is a brand of Chinese food and beverage brands. Yes, the old casserole in the Chinese food brands in the popular shop, business is very good. Old casserole on the brand advantage is very obvious, and now chain stores everywhere, at the headquarters of the careful guidance, each store is very successful operation. The old family of products in the casserole series rich, new products continue to enjoy the great taste of nutrition, high cost, the old casserole on the condition of joining the ranks of what is it?

old casserole on the condition of joining? What are the benefits of joining the franchise? See the following details:

old casserole on the condition of joining:

has joined the legal personality, good financial credit;

keen on food and beverage services, with certain operating conditions and certain economic strength;

identification with company franchise development concept, abide by the franchise contract agreement;

identification with company franchise management rules, to accept the headquarters of the management of a unified mode of operation;

to obtain the regional authority, the agent within the scope of the frequency and time to set up the parties to the contract;

franchise fee standard; according to the administrative area of the old chain where you intend to operate, determine the

old casserole on the right to join

1, the contract period authorized with "old" name, trademark, logo and other exclusive right to use the logo; it is authorized to use the old VI vision system and enterprise culture as well as on the old printing scheme special tableware and clothing can be obtained; chain store decoration, modification required planning support;

2, access to the standard franchise system support, the use of the "old on the" business model, unified distribution, unified store image, unified management philosophy, unified operation management;

3, enjoy the management support of the headquarters, through the professional technology and rich experience of the guidance of the franchisee to carry out a range of training, guidance and marketing support;

4, provide technical support, enjoy the training application of new product development, to provide quality products and services, supervision and control, and can obtain a special regional distribution, including special food, soup, stuffing, secret material pack and spices.

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