2015 entrepreneurship must attach importance to the industry (analysis + profit + tips)

from the development trend of China in recent years, the domestic food and beverage industry revenue growth is always higher than the same period GDP growth. Chinese has always been a "hunger breeds discontentment" tradition, the catering industry as a pillar industry of the third industry in the US, in recent years show rapid growth momentum of development, is a "hot" one industry.

Three cooking juice Market Outlook:


2006 catering retail sales exceeded $1 trillion for the first time, and in 2010 reached 20000 billion yuan. Per capita food consumption from 5.69 yuan in 1978 to $1200 in 2007, an increase of 209 times. With the improvement of people’s income level and the promotion of health awareness, the future of food and beverage consumption, especially fresh, healthy, health food and beverage projects there is still much room for development.

Analysis of

cooking juice

1, near the station: because the traffic flow near the station, and to open in a prominent position, so as to better attract consumers.

2, Commercial Street Pedestrian Street: because of its large flow, easy to make money.

3, Development Zone: rely on the government’s power to promote economic development is more sensible.

three project:

recommend cooking juice

three cooking in Huang Huang Kee juice secrete recipe based on the combination of traditional theory and modern theory of nourishing nourishing essence, to the palace cuisine as the foundation, meet the needs of modern people for food and beverage, divided into four series, dozens of flavors. The concept of "green health food, soup respect one nutrition security", diners in edible Huang Huang Kee three juice stew pot at the same time, you can also join the special Xiantang span to eat a variety of meat and vegetables, health food and environmental protection!

three will enable Han Myeong juice diet China traditional physiotherapy concept, into Korean cooking, and developed a new method to eat stew, rinse, ensure food.

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