The return of entrepreneurs Baokang contribution

venture two words have now entered the minds of the people, choose to go on such a path is more and more people, and won the cause of success is countless. The vitality of an area is the source of entrepreneurship all over the country, a country rich in the road of entrepreneurship. In Baokang, everywhere can feel the venture "spring beat", a group of entrepreneurs to return attention in rural areas, composes the beautiful music.

silent retreat, to find new way of

2006, Ma Weiping from the insurance company laid off P Baokang County by the county, returned to his hometown of Si Ping Zhen Da Fan Cun entrepreneurship. That year, the temple power plant has just been completed, began to water storage power generation. He took out only 50 thousand yuan savings, but also to friends and relatives to borrow $1 million, desperate to raise fish in the south of the reservoir area. After 10 years of hard work, he is now a net worth of millions of bosses.

42 year old Zhang Jintao has been that he is not suitable for large cities. In 2003, he from Baokang County native company went bankrupt after unemployment, first to Guangzhou, Shanghai and other places to find a job, not easy to be a line of workers, but 12 hours a day to repeat the same boring things.

the way of life in the end how to go? He’s been thinking hard. Six months later, he decided to return to his wife’s home – transition Bay Bay village. Okay, Zhang Jintao hills, one day, he was a thick kudzu attracted. Can the scattered in the fields of Pueraria collected processing factories, and then on to the market to try? Together with his wife, Zhang Jintao has always been able to do things out of the investigation, the organization of funds, contact processing equipment……

move forward, lead you rich

, a person is not rich, to lead us to be rich." In 2007, Ma Weiping established the South River Fisheries farmers cooperatives, the villagers to become a member of the shares of the way, to participate in natural breeding and cage culture. Members receive monthly wages, but also to participate in the year-end bonus.

Liu is a large village two groups of villagers, the original contract by the village of 70 acres of orange mountain, a year of hard work can only earn a $six thousand or seven thousand. 2007, he pooled 30 thousand yuan into the shares of the company, and the management of fish ponds in the cooperatives, the annual income of more than $100 thousand in three. Last year, he built a small building, this year the couple got a driver’s license, a $about 200000 car drive back home.

Deng Yichao is also home entrepreneurs. He learned through the investigation, Baokang areas are suitable for the cultivation of blueberry. Immediately, he took the company + professional cooperatives + base + farmers mode, four villages in the development of blueberry acres, led the villagers to get rich together.

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