What kind of restaurant

restaurant hotel is a place for us to provide food, and now there are a lot of restaurants on the market, then, under normal circumstances, what kind of restaurant? Xiao Bian for this, we carried out a detailed introduction, I hope everyone can join the venture to help.

(a) zero restaurant. The restaurant is a la carte restaurant, refers to the guests free order, according to the amount of the amount of billing, self payment of the restaurant. What kind of restaurant? Zero restaurant dining guests are very complex, is not a requirement, but the supply of zero restaurant dishes more varieties. Plus the meal time staggered, a larger workload, so the service management of zero restaurant to grasp several collar, ordering, serving and payment links, do quickly and accurately and orderly service.

(two) group restaurant. The group restaurant is a restaurant which is based on the reception team and the group, whose main characteristics are the fixed standard of the meal and the concentration of the meal time. What kind of restaurant? This kind of restaurant meals are often organized by the travel agency or conference organizers responsible for settlement. Turist Hotel restaurant team has a decreasing trend. Rigid meal service should pay attention to the reasonable collocation of dishes and the abundance of components.

(three) flavor restaurant. What kind of restaurant? Restaurant is a restaurant based on their own characteristics to provide guests with a representative local flavor dishes restaurant. In addition to the unique style of cuisine restaurants, the layout of the restaurant and other aspects of the layout are often unique, and with a unique service, to impress guests.

(four) buffet restaurant. Buffet restaurant is characterized by the provision of pre cooked food to the guests, free choice by the guests, it supplies fast, fast, what kind of restaurant? Guests can spend less time to eat a variety of rich, different flavor dishes.

(five) cafe. The cafe is actually a small Western restaurant. In addition to the supply of coffee, but also provide a simple Western dishes and drinks. As a kind of western restaurant, it is more rapid service, business hours are longer, and prices are often cheaper than regular western restaurants.

(six) ballroom. Generally, the hotel has a banquet hall, providing a place for guests to host a banquet. What kind of restaurant? The banquet hall accept guest group commissioned the correct type of banquet, cocktail reception, reception, tea and other activities, and according to the requirements of the guests of the hall layout, menu planning, some banquet hall is equipped with modern lighting, audio-visual equipment, provide better service for the guest banquet.

(seven) multifunction hall. What kind of restaurant? Multifunctional restaurant can be used to hold a variety of banquet, cocktail party, buffet, group meals, all kinds of meetings, banquets and exhibition centers, film screenings, fashion shows, etc.. Multi function hall not only installed >

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