Huang Taiji pancakes from 1 to 10 billion rich legend

when a shop selling pancake fruit wants to make their annual sales of 10 billion yuan, this goal is not too unrealistic to listen to?

in founder Huang Taiji Chang He seems to subvert the traditional industries with the Internet thinking, which is fundamental to the subversion of the traditional industry cost structure. In the future, China will enter an era of super traditional brands, such as KFC’s parent company behind Parkson group.


I also do the Internet, Baidu and Google (micro-blog) have done, then their entrepreneurial two advertising companies. Why do I have to give up all the previous career experience, run to sell pancake fruit this fundamental donkey lips do not talk to the horse? It is because my dad taught me the truth in life is just 8 words: Ning when beheaded Pteris inappropriate.

before we the people in the Internet circles, feel as if the chance is slim. But if we come down to sell pancake fruit, perhaps we are the industry’s most understanding of the brand, the most understanding of marketing.

We often talk about three

here speak about the us from 1 to 10 billion of the process.

1: our first store, only 20 square meters, the seat of the 13, which is just the beginning of the state.

10: our home has 10 of the most important core products. For example, the first is the pancake fruit, the second is like a burrito, tofu curd, pumpkin soup, Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce, purple sweet potato, and recently launched pig’s trotters.

100: now there are 100 employees, we are 90. Internet Co are talking about the team, we are also in the internal communication and learning attitude similar to Internet Co. In the morning, we have a very important ceremony,   everyone to hold each other’s hands, shouting the name of the person with the gas, this is our every day, 365 days, we have now done more than and 500 days, every day is so stick with it.

1000: Huang Taiji now has four stores, and the fifth flagship store will open in December 22nd

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