What errors should be avoided in the process of College Students’ entrepreneurship

university graduates each year very much, especially in the spring when the talent on the market every day, gathered a lot of college graduates, the employment threshold increased, the wages of the poor, so many college graduates choose to start their own businesses, have begun to seek for their own entrepreneurial projects, so students in Entrepreneurship in the process to avoid misunderstanding what?

Ignorant young

a beautifully crafted business plan, a group of youthful dreams, there is no social experience, decided to choose self employment after graduation has become a "fashion moment". When it comes to whether the choice of business should be prone to long after graduating college students said, I don’t agree with the university graduates directly entrepreneurship, this time the most should do is to be for future business ready.

businessMisunderstanding of the entrepreneurial process

rote in the education system because of many things, but less research training, entrepreneurship leads to little after a thorough investigation of the market, a lot of people are to follow the trend of entrepreneurship, the risk is relatively large.

now the national policy on College Students’ entrepreneurship is a tilt, such as some tax policy and so on, but most students entrepreneurs do not understand, will pay some extra cost.

Suggestions for entrepreneurial process


before the start should they want to set foot in the market to do some investigation, avoid copycat business.

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