What should be done in short supply of cigarette

cigarette market, although the product line is very rich, but there is a hot commodity, naturally there will be unsalable goods. For those selling cigarettes, if there is a shortage of the situation, but also need to be good at dealing with the owners, so it will bring more profits to the store. In short, tight cigarette shortage is a common problem faced by each retail business.

due to the national monopoly system of the tobacco market, the annual cigarette cigarette output indicators issued plan, strict quota control, with the market demand can not be completely changed, and in recent years, most of the local cigarette sales are rising, especially the "tight" cigarette was "finished" in the first half of the sales plan, resulting in some "tight" cigarette serious shortage situation.

and cigarette sales is the source of profit in the retail store, the cigarette is the source of the source of profit in cigarettes. Therefore, when the shop is in short supply of cigarettes, how should we deal with the retail business? Here is my city, I interviewed several cigarette retail businesses, please he (she) who you can talk when he (she) who store tight cigarette shortages, he (she) is how to deal with.

Yang Jinrong, Heilongjiang County, Wangkui City, the town of satellite retail merchants,

with the same level with the price of cigarette brands, to actively promote the replacement of customers

in the daily operation, I often encounter tight cigarette out of stock situations, the customer into the store to buy cigarettes, but smokeless shop can sell, customers disappointed to push the door away. Over time, we not only make less money, but also to allow customers to lose confidence in the store, and then lose customers. Therefore, we are out of stock retail tight cigarette should not be underestimated, regard as unimportant, should take seriously, to come up with an ingenious way to deal with. However, how can we not only make the customer’s money, but also allow customers to be satisfied and not to lose customers?

I do this: with the same grade brand cigarettes, to promote replacement. When a customer to buy a certain brand of cigarette supply, if happened to catch the store out of stock, some lack of experience in retail retail businesses generally will have a direct say that a certain brand of cigarettes has been sold out, no new goods store. So said that the two have a two answer, seemingly more honest shopkeeper told the truth, but in the view of customers will inevitably be suspected of be defensive.

customers will turn around when you hear your answer, without a moment of hesitation and pause. We virtually let a customer slip away before our eyes. For a long time, it will lose a group of customers. After I ate several losses, came up with a cigarette out of stock in tight conditions with the same grade cigarette brand replaced enthusiastically "the same grade price >

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