Zigong how to implement the relocation project

due to the level of economic development is not the same, the same provinces and cities in different regions, there will be a big difference in the economy. In order to effectively narrow the gap, the implementation of poverty alleviation policies taken in Zigong City, the relevant measures to be resolved, and the following Xiaobian together with a specific understanding. />

2016 local government debt of 25 million 820 thousand yuan of funds, long-term credit funds 111 million 298 thousand and 300 yuan province has issued capital plan, two county funds through the platform company to undertake, through the four district Zigong state owned Assets Management Investment Company Limited as a municipal platform to undertake, in accordance with the "Zigong city" in 13th Five-Year to resettle the scale. The country and the province has the total size of the 13th Five-Year "City special construction funds for 81 million 950 thousand yuan in our city issued a plan. Through the active implementation of various types of land relocation funds, to promote the relocation of the project to provide financial support. Positive

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