Taiwan media from the mainland to carry out entrepreneurial innovation boom in Taiwan

nearly two years of frequent exchanges between the mainland and Taiwan, cross-strait cooperation matters increased. Recently, the Taiwan media wrote that Taiwan can learn from the mainland innovation boom to encourage young entrepreneurs, driven by the current downturn in the economic development of Taiwan.

Article excerpts are as follows:

, the government and the folk innovation industry like a raging fire, the foot can be too numerous to enumerate a growth spurt. Cite two examples of innovative industries, by reference to all sectors of Taiwan. First of all, Guangzhou folk Financial Street, not only the mainland’s first civilian Financial Street, is currently facing the transformation of innovation and entrepreneurship in Financial Street.

the variety of private financial gathering area covers the small loan companies, loans, financing guarantee, pawn, Internet banking, electronic business platform, financial leasing, cultural industry, professional and business services. In other words, these funds gathered different forms of organization and service loans, wealth management, payment and settlement functions; is a kind of "Finance + industry" as the basis of public record financial industrial park; it can provide services for existing Internet financial enterprises in the park, but also for enterprises and individuals interested in innovation and entrepreneurship provide strategic guidance, training, registration policy guidance, funding, financing support, listing counseling and other internal service, innovative and attractive.

followed by overseas dream garden, the chamber of commerce industry and overseas innovation gathering area, this is a place known as the Chinese dream. Overseas dream garden is not a geographical concept, nor is the simple aggregation of the chamber of commerce. The mainland to build overseas dream garden is to build a high level talent home business development projects and docking, contracted landing, entrepreneurship training, policy support, personnel support, market development, financing guarantee of the whole chain of high-end service platform for entrepreneurship and innovation.

further words, last November, the first overseas dream garden, jointly built by the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and the Tianjin municipal government in Tianjin District of Wuqing was established, aimed at attracting global Chinese innovation and entrepreneurship, professional elite, China boost industrial transformation and upgrading, and achieve their own development.

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