You need to consider the details

both in the workplace, or start-up companies, are inevitably business contacts, visit customers is a common thing, but also a crucial link. Visit customers, some of the details you need to pay attention to the time, pay attention to these details, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble as much as possible.

If on the other side of the reception room to negotiate, to sit in the waiting near the gate. On the other side before the arrival, do not smoke, drink tea, do not look around and around. On the other side after the arrival of cigarettes can be to each other, if you don’t smoke, even if there is an ashtray, don’t smoke, no ashtray can not even smoke. Thank you for your hospitality, but don’t drink it immediately, and wait for the other person to drink tea. If the reception staff to bring you a towel, do not wipe your face with a towel, rub his neck, hard rub and rub, you should just take a towel and gently wipe the forehead and hands, folded after use down.

1. each other’s business card to find a topic. The title, position, address and other topics on the other card can lead to the topic.

2. from the other side of the room (reception room or conference room), the internal environment of the company or the company’s external environment, leading to the topic.

3. from the newspapers, magazines or television, the network heard or seen on the other side or the company’s news about the topic. These materials should be carefully searched and prepared before the meeting.

4. references for the topic. Can use the introducer to each other and relationships, so that the other party has hit "feeling.

5. to choose each other’s interest in the matter or the latest news to comment, it also requires careful preparation.

in addition, should be good to each other. The other side of the topic, to be good at undertaking, make it safe transition to the subject. Don’t ignore each other with particular attention to the topic, not only their own said, regardless of how. If the other side of the topic is ignored, will make the other person feel unhappy or dissatisfied.

topic some taboos have to pay attention to:

1. for a topic not to chase.

2. don’t ask the other side of the family. Business negotiation is necessary and should be exchanged greetings, but if blindly ask each other "Christina geometry" or "wife, what is called" will certainly be annoying and embarrassing, especially women, it is best not to ask her age.

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