Shenyang encourage entrepreneurship and other areas in rural areas can receive social security subsi

at present, China’s rural entrepreneurship guidance has made some achievements, but the overall lack of rural labor has not been greatly improved. To further encourage rural labor to return home to start business, but also need more policies to support and guide.

to "employment certificate for compliance" (the original "unemployment registration certificate") engaged in self-employed persons, self employment of retired soldiers, in 3 years 9600 yuan per household per year for the quota, reduced business tax, city maintenance and construction tax, education surcharge, local education surcharge and personal the income tax to be paid when the actual.

with the processing properties for service oriented business enterprises, enterprises and employment service enterprises in the processing enterprises and communities of small business entities, in their new year, new recruits in the public employment service agencies human resources and social security departments and in accordance with the provisions of the registered unemployed for more than half a year to "Employment Permit" (the original "the employment unemployment registration certificate") recommended

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