Small series announced in 2016 franchise list

entrepreneurship is not verbal, to act, will be closer to the success of the 2016 franchise list which good projects? Many people have such questions. Want to realize the dream of entrepreneurship in 2016 through a friend can refer to the following list of stores in 2016:

2016 franchise list: open home embroidery


a loom is old; one is a small cloth toys, cross section as the 32 paper is so big, it looms about half an hour can make a "horse" area of 10 square centimeters of cloth; and a weaving machine, between the size between the two. Each type of weaving machine store can be placed 3 ~ 5, the smallest can be more appropriate to prepare some, if the customer likes, the loom can be sold.

2016 franchise list: open animation store

2016 franchise list: open a fashion animation book

City to attract young people full of vitality, full of youthful spirit, you have to keep their rhythm, guide their consumption consciousness. The contemporary young people with animation and online games grow up, a model of spider man, a "World of Warcraft" games, a "Knight legend" comic book series, as long as the animation products or books, have aroused great interest in them. Therefore, the comic book shop is a new good choice. Animation books do not seek big, but the characteristics of the main business, including popular animation, online games, >