Youth entrepreneurship micro film early heart won the two prize in the film festival

China is now in a strong entrepreneurial atmosphere, not only thanks to the continuous introduction of entrepreneurial policies, but also rely on a lot of cultural industries to promote the concept of entrepreneurship innovation. Shooting entrepreneurial micro film is one of the powerful means of propaganda.

it is reported that at the beginning of "heart" in 2014 China business model – Tianjin pictographic Technology Co. Ltd. founder CEO Liu Yiwei as the prototype for creation. The film tells the story of Liu Yiwei rooted in the high-tech industry more than ten years of entrepreneurship. The Communist Youth League Committee in Binhai high tech Zone collaborative youth entrepreneurship early heart "micro film", fully demonstrate the good spirit of Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship in high-tech zones in the tide and dare to dream, dare to dream, dream era style, creating a strong atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship in the majority of young people.

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