What is the magic weapon of convenience store and supermarket competition


said that a big supermarket want to open also need to meet a certain amount of traffic, however, now the number of large supermarkets is indeed very much, which will undoubtedly make some convenience stores affected. There is a saying: big perfection, shop convenient. Convenience stores and big supermarket competition magic, is to provide consumers with convenience.

now more online shopping of people, many of them are workers, often express when delivering something no one at home, I often help the customer to receive something online shopping and storage items, the convenience store has become a transit station. Doing so seems troublesome, but in fact there is a business opportunity. Because they come to take things, there will always be something to buy, even if the goods do not want the next time there is a need, the first choice will be my home. Because they have a heart of gratitude.

big supermarket because many customers, not convenient at the checkout, especially when engaged in the promotion, often sometimes customers only buy huge crowds of people, the same goods but need on a half day team, waiting for people to complain about. We do not exist in this shop, the customer does not need to wait for the purchase of goods, with the purchase with the knot, will allow customers to save a lot of time. This is also the reason customers can not do without a store.

supermarket is a large selection, so that customers choose their favorite products. This service also has drawbacks. If you want to go there to buy one of their much-needed goods, like look for a needle in the ocean. And in my store, where each kind of commodity, I will remember, never let the customer to find their own blind.

convenience store must want to think of the customer, anxious customers anxious. We can not do everything super big business, but customers need groceries, must be ready. Do our line, the most afraid of the customer is always said "no" two words. Every time you say "no", the customer will be disappointed once, when you hear in the store, "no" more times, the customer will slowly lose.

sometimes you just do not have the customer needs the goods, and this happens not to be in urgent need of goods, you have to inform the customer, tomorrow will be a certain period of time, so he came back again. We have to do is keep a promise inviolate, supply the goods as soon as possible. When a customer in your store can buy all the goods he wants, and the price is reasonable, he would choose to go to the big business line?

Although the

size, product type, brand quantity, convenience stores and supermarkets than after really is not what advantages, however, there are disadvantages also have their advantages, as long as good at digging their own advantages, even small convenience stores, you can also make money more popular.

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