Yunnan tiancifu bridge joined in support of the

Yunnan tiancifu

bridge is a good franchise brand vermicelli project, and the key point is to see the project investors choose the franchisee can give them what kind of franchise support, whether these support can meet their needs to join. Yunnan tiancifu free below will bridge the vermicelli joined in support of detail.

Yunnan tiancifu

bridge noodle joining conditions:

1. has a certain investment strength (25 thousand -10.5 million).

2. adhere to the "Yunnan bridge rice noodle" standardized management and join the code and the relevant national laws and regulations.

3. must be in accordance with the requirements of the headquarters of the full use of "Yunnan bridge rice noodle" visual image packaging.

Yunnan tiancifu bridge joining support:

1, the new store site (for the owners of the pre selected and the shop address to carry out a comprehensive evaluation of constructive comments).

2, store design, highlighting the style and cultural atmosphere.

3, to provide relevant text, literature and other data.

4, pre construction, to help the owners of the relevant human resources recruitment, audit, training and reserves.

5, equipment and raw materials procurement, supply channels.

6, kitchen layout, staffing and division of labor.

Growth and development of

7 and rice vermicelli.

8, food seasoning.

9, Yunnan ethnic snacks, dishes (Yunnan cuisine) and development.

10, rice vermicelli and other raw materials and production process.

11, advertising, trial business, opening promotion.

12, telephone inquiries, return visit. In order for you to learn the true technology to get the authentic recipe, less detours, save money, worry, effort,

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