How to effectively solve the problem of entrepreneurs in Zigong

actively respond to the call of the state, the public entrepreneurship, innovation". In the process of economic development, constantly combined with their own advantages, continuous innovation, in order to meet the needs of the development of the times. However, in the process of entrepreneurship, venture capital is a problem plagued many entrepreneurs. In response to this phenomenon, how to effectively solve the problem of entrepreneurs in Zigong?

(1) to implement financial support. Fushun county set up a $10 million venture funds to support, Rongxian, Fushun County, Yantan District of not less than 5 million yuan business guarantee fund, Ziliujing District, Gongjing District, Da An district set up not less than 3 million yuan business guarantee fund, venture loans to 100 thousand yuan uniform adjustment, the labor intensive Small and micro businesses shall be given the maximum of not more than 2 million yuan of business loans, according to the rules given by the financial discount.

(2) broaden financing channels. The establishment of the Zigong Municipal Office of the joint conference of employment and entrepreneurship, strengthen the coordination of finance, people’s Bank and community sector cooperation, encourage and support the exploration of new financial institutions, guarantee institutions guarantee, provide financing services for entrepreneurs. Cooperate with relevant departments to promote agricultural property mortgage financing pilot and rural land transfer income guaranteed loans pilot, small and medium enterprises and new agricultural business credit guarantee insurance pilot.

(3) to implement business subsidies. For college students and graduates of college graduates in 5 years the founder entity or project, confirmed by the district (county) of human resources and social security department in conjunction with the relevant departments, the project area (county) government to give 10 thousand yuan subsidy for each project, with a leading body with a plurality of entrepreneurial projects, the highest subsidies of up to 100 thousand yuan. Up to now, the city issued a total of 5 million 580 thousand yuan subsidy for college students.

innovation and entrepreneurship, has become a symbol of the times. More and more people with lofty ideals, into the wave of entrepreneurship, the continuous development of their own. Zigong entrepreneurs in the business of truth, for the problem of insufficient funds, effective to take relevant strategies to solve in a timely manner, is very valuable!

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