Open store purchase six tips


to open the store knows that the purchase is the key link, access to good quality and low price of the goods will be able to easily make money selling, so learn to purchase is a major success, today the whole network Xiaobian to talk about six a technique of store purchase.

just shop seller, if your business is clothing store, then you can go around some large service wholesale purchase, to ensure the quality of clothing and the minimum purchase price of goods.

the low-cost purchase channels – factory direct purchase

relatively cheap purchase channels – wholesalers purchase

the wholesaler is divided into two kinds: (1) has a bigger, more orders, service can not keep up, but it is difficult for you to talk with them; (2) some small wholesalers good talk, but they have low price, reputation and supply may not guarantee, and the goods are do not know a few hands, the price is relatively high.

need to purchase channels, purchase ability to identify foreign products or OEM 


this channel for: there are certain supply channels, at the same time have a certain economic strength, the ability to identify the quality of the products of the seller.

must understand the market purchase channels — eat into stocks or clearance products

Analysis of the

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