Excellent operation workers must know the 4 basic user psychological phenomenon

wants to be a great operator and it’s good to know some user stories,


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wants to become a good operator, some users understand the phenomenon is be of great advantage, I think this is a better understanding of some psychological phenomena and common users, or users about the psychological characteristics, everyone in the daily operation of the process, recommended to observe and summarize, when nothing more than read books on psychology.

1, collecting addiction,

users actually have a hobby of collecting. For example, users love to collect all kinds of decorations, props, virtual currency, love to collect all kinds of gifts around (dolls, T-Shirts, toys, pillows, souvenirs and so on). If you do a set of 12 zodiac dolls, there will be an attempt to collect these 12 sets of users, of course, the premise is that doll quality needs excellent, worthy of collection.

users in the virtual world have a feature of collecting things that are not available in real life. If money can buy something, it is not necessarily welcomed by the user, unless the value is high to a certain extent. Now everyone’s standard of living is generally good, they do not lack these things, users more care is in fact a sense of honor and sense of possession, the result is, on the one hand, the process is sometimes more exciting. A variety of activities on the Internet, if naked as a prize with RMB, the effect is absolutely not the best, compared with the cost is high, unless you set the reward component heavy enough, such as the first prize of 100 thousand dollars, for me I will go.


collection also tells us that it’s important to try to provide diversity to the user. Users are eager for freshness, the same thing, he has been more than three times, basically, there is not much freshness. So we should try our best to avoid the problem of always providing the user with the third kind. This point in the operation of the prizes set, should reflect the most obvious. In this regard, there are many ways to overcome, first, the company can continue to introduce new, second, you can cooperate with other companies, such as exchange of prizes, so that everyone will benefit from each other.

in the tough years spent in spite of the budget constraints, but the use of user’s collection of addiction, do activities, function development, this play a very big role, experience is also very deep.

2, broken window effect

broken window effect was originally a theory of criminology, the theory by James · Werwilson (James Q. Wilson) and George · (George L. Ke>; kahling

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