Tips for sharing content updates

a lot of SEOer and network promotion staff will take the "content is king" this sentence is regarded as the true saying, indeed in the current search engine in the world, we the webmaster in terms of content is indeed to be able to attract to the search engine spiders make great efforts. For search engines, the original content is the preferred food, but also favorite things. Therefore, the original for our webmaster, is to make their site do a very important step. Original is a lot of webmaster headache problem, some webmaster manage several stations, every day update is a very big task, so it is better to grasp the original skills.

original content should first have a directional, this direction from the web site title and keywords. We’re updating our website to focus on the relevance of the site, which prevents search engines from thinking we’re cheating. In fact, the original is also very simple, it can be our association from the side of what happened, can also be a view of something, the following to share my experience in the original.

original inspiration forum


forum can help us find original inspiration and material. The forum is a hodgepodge of information inside the large, many people in the Forum promotion, they will send a lot of things, these things we can learn from the useful part, or when we see the attractive title and produce Lenovo, is our original origin. One thing is very important, we all have originality, so we can enter a forum close to our topic. Before you want to update the article on the group, I will go to the A5 forum buy section to learn from, where there can be a problem from others and the release of information, you can go to the original content of their own.

original inspiration from the official website

log on the official website to find authoritative information for originality. This many webmaster will ignore, the official website has what we want to update the theme of the latest developments, as well as some problems. These are our original directions, the most important thing is that the content is very authoritative, and the readability will be of high value. Also, I found a link to reduce the number of 20% posts in the ixwebhosting Chinese language station, which received comments from many visitors. Such an article is also able to increase the user experience, to bring follow-up traffic to the site.

original inspiration from the Q & a platform

we can also use questions and answers to make original. Often know in Baidu, Tianya Q & A, etc., to see some very constructive problems, this is not our direction of expansion of ideas?. On the question and answer platform, there will be questions, the best answers, and other answers. Sometimes we combine these things together with our own views. It’s not a good original article.

a lot of times, for originality, we don’t write it, but we’re the original

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