Use celebrities to promote websites and increase traffic

Adsense network ( reported a "help Han Han count accounts: online bookstore, a year to earn millions of" article, I read quite touched. In April 19th, Han Han opened his own bookstore in the Taobao online, specializes in selling their works, including "minus one time", "Changan", "teenage friends like speeding", "three doors" and other works, and each book sold all his autograph. Shop opened less than four days time, the store books have been sold out, four days time sales of more than 50 thousand yuan, Han Han fans of Han Han’s obsession can be seen ah. Earlier, Han Han’s main blog in Sina has exceeded 240 million, called China’s first blogger, and most of the traffic in the bookstore is also from the blog. Someone has worked out an account for Han Han’s bookstore. From the sales record, 1000 books were sold in the first two days, and at least 15000 copies were sold in one month. If each book earns 10 dollars, Han Han will earn only 1 million 500 thousand a year in this bookstore alone.

let’s not say how much money Han Han made online. Let’s talk about his blog first. Han Han earlier in the Sina blog traffic is more than 200 million, now open a bookstore on, a large part of the click from sina to Taobao to set up shop, these days, Taobao traffic from Han Han blog in a lot, only the collection shop popularity reached 3080. Visible, there is Han Han where there is traffic, the site of the figure is not traffic,


webmaster do site work every day, hard to update content, site optimization, do promotion links; Han Han open a blog, write articles, there are hundreds of millions of traffic. Hundreds of millions of traffic, but the owners do not dare to think of figures. Because we are not Han Han, so we can not achieve this effect, but we can use celebrities to promote their website,


, for example. Do a web page about Han Han, or a forum, Han Han, etc. Let Korean fans have a platform to communicate and share, collect Han Han books, Han Han news, Han Han life stories and so on. From Han Han’s blog visit volume more than 200 million, the attention of Han Han is indeed a lot of people, if you do a Han Han fans interested in the site, but also attract a lot of IP. We are not celebrities, but we can use celebrities to increase the popularity of the website. Now the network popular Han Han bookstore, pay attention to Han Han, that in their own web site also pay attention to, increase the website exposure. If the 200 million Korean fans only 0.1% people know your site, head and only 1% of the people here to see your website, that is 2000 of the traffic, this is not very impressive? But this website must content win, after all, a lot of your website, but may do propaganda the contents of the official website, but you do fine, so you don’t have to worry about the website promotion and flow. Of course, you can not advertise on this site, Korean fans are not allowed, but you can hang on your other profitable links, or one-way links, it naturally improve the profitability of the site traffic.

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