Tourism sharing into fashion, vitality for local communities

to the time of the year, this is a festival and holiday on day, Christmas, new year’s day, Spring Festival, Valentine’s day, whether it is Chinese traditional festivals, or western festivals, in this cold winter, the festive atmosphere to add a lot of warmth. At the same time, also let the old and New Year holidays increased turnover season into a variety of leisure activities concentrated period of time. In particular, with the fire travel market, a variety of home visits, vacation trips increased, so that hard busy people have been relaxed for one year, while sharing tourism has become a fashion.

travel related anecdotes, travel routes, travel Raiders, local delicacy and other topics become the main content of people at leisure chat in the tourist season. And people are no longer satisfied with mere conversation. Through other ways to travel more awesome". As a result, more people choose to travel through the Internet, they will travel through the Internet, upload pictures and videos, and share them with wonderful text. Not only to share with family, relatives, friends, but also to share more unknown, but they have like-minded tourist interest in online friends. Through the network "sun travel", "Alice" who not only demonstrated themselves, but also by sharing more understanding of friends, exchange of travel experience.

‘s current domestic Internet development has been relatively mature, "Alice", "sun travel", sharing tourism experience has become fashionable. The emergence of the "sunshine tourism" fashion has benefited from the development of online travel websites and local communities. The development of online travel websites, in addition to allowing travel related tickets, tickets and hotel reservations more convenient and affordable, to the tourism related industries, a new marketing platform. At the same time, it also provides a platform for sharing and exchanging. And the emergence of local communities, so that sharing and communication more in-depth, more localized, close to local life. More local users are influenced by travel, sharing, and fashion, and are involved in the "sunshine tourism" craze. Not only has it promoted the development of the local tourist industry, but also added vigor to the local community. In the Web2.0 era, the local community should not only play the role of information production, but also the need to strengthen the interaction with the user, to enhance the vitality, only in this way, the local community can better mining user demand, produce more profit model.

according to a reporter survey, the current three or four – line urban community development rapidly. Chengde network (, purple plug for the Chengde City three lines of small local community, already has a user base of website, prospects. Chengde is a famous tourism city, the development of natural purple plug attaches great importance to the tourism information network. Because of the information of community tourism, users have spontaneously shared their experiences in the community. With pictures of the way, to tell their stories to share experiences of tourism Raiders, and is no longer limited to the scope of Chengde local, domestic tourism and even international tourism has become the fashion community to share, significantly enhance the vitality of the community. A male user from the community told reporters: "the end of the year, because both wife and vacation annual leave."

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