Share my 5 year station experience with a novice webmaster

last month today, I bought the space time, so my site for a month, time is short, but the experience made me feel special, somewhat similar to the previous novels in such days.

In fact,

in college because of boring, followed by a student in the class started to learn HTML, at that time I knew nothing, feeling can do special cattle B, never thought to do to earn money, at that time that money is what the website portal.

in fact, the optical code that is annoying, and then there is no computer, the school’s computer room for an hour a dollar, cheaper, so often go to patronize. Later know do not know where you can view the source code from the "view source" in the browser, then a long time are on the site, and then open the family code view, see the good, it is copied to the clipboard, and then put the name of the site is to substitute into their own words, to free CHINAREN at that time the space, especially with a sense of accomplishment……

later, free space less and less, and they have no interest, and quiet for some time. Then began to learn ASP, at that time, especially looked down on HTML, I feel it is particularly retarded, huh, huh. But for a long time to learn, as long as it relates to the database, but the program debugging, I do what thing is three minutes several times, but also their own debugging, give up, and later because the exam, no do.

a chance, a friend said to do network stations, I said I was boring, ah, the other said to do a forum, I give him a download network, the Internet to find a better "was China Doll" template. What was the other do not understand, the template image space is really TM, telecom, and I use the Internet is Netcom, IIS seems to get very little. The site opened a year as less than 100 people registered, and a lot of people are that their friends pull over. A year later, in Baidu search, only a home page, ha ha, funny.

last year, and occasionally a high school students met in QQ, he said he is now at home, did not find a job, make their own website at home (the English), about $5000 per month…… That heard my blood boil ah, TNND, I’m in Shenzhen, now wages only 3000RMB, his old people are 40000RMB…… Later, he introduced me to the ADMIN5 webmaster network, outdated, Adsense station…… Next, I dive in a lot of webmaster forums to watch…… It is gehangrugeshan, there are so many things that you don’t understand.

learned a lot of nouns here, "SEO, K, Mao, SPAM"……" Feeling that it was time to act, I started searching for the source code on the Internet and changed a lot of ideas during that time. Want to do web site, classification information, QQ related?…… Find a lot of source code, then select a >

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