Struggling in the web world, was finally moved by myself

this article is dedicated to all the personal webmaster

struggling with me in the web field


university time is always so memorable, is a lonely person is a kind of beauty, then 2 people in a daze is a kind of romance in the University, we know that a bottle of hot water to share, games to study together, RPG game to be a team player. As for college life, it was the best and happiest time of my life. But four years later, I found out that I was in college and abandoned me,

job hunt,

After graduating from the University of

, 22, 23 year old we face childish began to find work in the city around southeast northwest, no experience and lack of social skills that we have all been shut out of numerous enterprises, carrying a bag out of the helpless family enterprise, God has eyes, into the a small company or work day and night. But we never give up before, we have been in his family for future work, slowly through a number of early morning, abandoned the university to develop every 10 hours of sleep every day, sleep less than 6 hours poor, get their eyes in the mirror instead of the originally innocent eyes, began to used to replace the pitch movement without the sun’s perspiration comes down like raindrops hitting the afternoon, started the habit without friends instead of the silent Ctrl C weekend + Ctrl V, began the daily habit of up to 15, 16 hours of computer life instead of the originally pure young and lively student, I told myself that I really grow up I want for myself, and the future of the family living alone in this society. Finally after 1 years of effort, when I just graduated from the job again completely unlike appearance, have scale enterprises began to beckon to me, to give me offer., I know I have the enterprise development basic even great skill, but I’m still holding a grassroots salary which had….

is a kind of sad…


math on the Internet is really a source of contact. As early as in the big fan on the flash, in the sophomore began to stand alone, when the end of 2003.2004 years, doing pure HTML web pages. Remember it is used in the free space, have uploaded 8 HTML, is my personal page, everywhere tell friends… IP is written by myself, until finally did not update the highest IP is not more than 30, then the school open electronic commerce course, suddenly put me completely into the Internet world, began to produce their own first pure ASP Just Do it, began to write articles on their website, a bit like blog now, and also participated in the 3 prize in Jilin a web contest won, but in the past on the spot to take money, I was in Shanghai. But the heart is full of joy, and then.

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