Website design beauty of user experience Optimization

after the user opens the website, the first impression of the website to the visitor is very important, this decides whether the visitor can convert to your client directly, so the beauty of the design of the website is very important.

website design elegant, if a website design atmosphere, give people a strong, trustworthy, recently many customers come to search engine optimization, for the design of the station is too simple, I will take the initiative to ask customers to re create the web site, many customers confused for I do a business website charges two thousand or three thousand feeling a little expensive, they find that people do in Beijing only need five hundred dollars, for this customer, in fact I’m no resistance, on their website user experience and search engines do not understand, but also consider their own understanding of the market, I explain to them. They do not want to hear. In their opinion, a website is only two or three pages, write the text under the company, up to introduce products, the website are very rough, and even some of the others are the direct download station, then change the text to the customer, the customer is also glad to feel in fact, their money, spend money to do this website, it is a waste. The purpose of the web site is to use the network to carry out marketing activities, marketing their products, simply do a few pages to put, it does not update and do not maintain, there is no significance. Our regular network company website has good graphic design, perfect and scalable website, the perfect background can freely publish news and product information, and very conducive to search engine crawlers in the background, through certain settings, even without the need of SEO professionals to do the optimization, not too difficult words the big will get ranked, have very good marketing effect, if coupled with those of us who have many years of experience in the SEO personnel for keyword optimization and marketing capabilities will be more significant, which is 3000 yuan and 500 yuan between web site.

The basic needs of an enterprise

website features include company introduction, news module, product module, company introduction, guestbook, recruitment system, Links, case system, and complete the backstage management system management system, can facilitate the management of each module in front of said, let not understand technology enterprise customers can easily operate site management. A fully functional and well-designed website will allow users to be interested in continuing to browse and find relevant information without leaving a glance.

web site art design basic principles:

1, according to the website style positioning and audience preferences, different visitors taste is different, for example: Entertainment station design style to be light, let a person look after feel happy; government website design to be solemn, can realize the government authority; game website design to cool to dazzle, meet the tastes of young people; the class website design elegant, let visitors can read the static under heart.

2, avoid unusual, dazzling designs, packed inside

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