How to build your own website style

now people are increasingly relying on the Internet to solve problems. For example, enterprises in the procurement, often through search to find their own suppliers, or through the network to understand the specific circumstances of suppliers.


enters an enterprise website, the style of the website is first seen, so the first impression of the enterprise is formed immediately. The so-called people rely on clothing, makeup, Buddha by gold makeup, website style for an enterprise brand image is self-evident.

The style of

web site mainly includes:

site CI: for example, designing web site LOGO, standard color of Web site, font of web page and so on.

layout: such as the information bar of the website, the location of the exchange column and so on.

browsing: such as website navigation, click here, search box and so on.

interactivity: interactive design, interactivity, statistics, and so on.

The style positioning of

website is a kind of image of enterprise external display, which is especially important to enterprise. It is the most intuitive perception of the corporate image, and has a great impact on the enterprise network brand. The accuracy of site style positioning is the first step in website construction success.

website style consists of the overall image of the site, the main colors, website content, primary and secondary layout and site color blocks, lines, details. The overall image consists of website planning, website layout, website art and technical details processing and comprehensive coordination.

take our frequently used Taobao home page for an example, explain in detail the above aspects in the actual case of application.


web site, the main color mode is the eyes of the browser, the color captured in a flash, will give visitors leave a strong psychological hint.

two website content should be clear and clear, so that visitors first catch the core content they want, know what the site is doing. this can be said to be very good, his entire background is white, and then with different colors to highlight different important sections, especially the search, landing, navigation buttons and so on, so that visitors know what the time he saw this page.

three, Taobao’s home page can be said to be very clean, they will play to the ultimate details of the content, content, but not appear disorganized. Whether a website is clean and visually sensitive to visitors makes it important for consumers to have a good view of the content.

The design of

four levels of art directly determines the image quality of a website, the website headed by Taobao are the very top of the page design of web designers, they seem to be very simple, but we look very comfortable, give us a very good impression.

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