Health category personal station does not record, will be faced with risks

first of all, I need to say that I am not the title party. This is the real thing that happened to me. If you are a person, if you have a health care station, if your site has not yet been filed, then you may not be able to survive. Why do you say so, please allow me to say.

that’s the way it is. I have a scar, do not know what time from the beginning of a warning: open access to the page may be a security risk. In this way, a warning, you are ranked well, and no user dare to click on your station to browse ah.

, this is going to be depressing, but it doesn’t work, and I’m going to try to cancel it. So I carefully checked the content of the site, to see what violations, such as the word revolution, the results of the search for a long time did not find, and then went to the SCANV online complaint. I’ve filled out all the information I can fill out, and then I’m waiting for the review.


result was one or two days and the audit result was a failure. Prompted me to submit relevant qualifications to re appeal. If there is a website for business behavior, you need

business licenses issued by the provincial communications administration and the business license issued by the Bureau of industry and Commerce of ICP. Because I am a person to do, the website and no record number, so I can’t provide the opportunity qualification information. Therefore, it is obviously not feasible to appeal through formal channels.


that can’t be done. If this is it, the website is not lost it, then think of other ways, I think that since there are site computer housekeeper reminder, that’s why I go to computer housekeeper relevant regional appeal, the results really find such a module. So I talked about the details of my website.

saw the response from the computer housekeeper. The reply made me speechless. Here is my message. This provides more. The product is taken from other people. Where can I get the business license of the supply and marketing parties and the authorization of the manufacturer?.


this is the station for the time being, and now I can only pray for the website warning to go away automatically. The way I can think has been done. In this case, I have summed up a conclusion: personal station, health care products, not for the record, your station is dead. Article by construction division affiliated finishing release, reproduced please indicate

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