Actual combat experience personal webmaster how to build a stable website

in fact, most webmasters know the importance of website stability to SEO, but a lot of people know how to build a stable website, but they don’t know why". Many new Adsense is because in the "site stability" suffered, repeatedly toss, do not always lead to weight loss of morale and even abandon the site.

so how can we build a stable website? What details should we pay attention to, a stable website,


first, a stable website, usually including "server stability" and "stable" two aspects, the author then, in his "Neville cervical disease network" two years of practical experience to introduce how to build a stable website:

one, server stable

every webmaster knows the importance of choosing a high quality server or space, but server stability is not as easy as election.

1, in general, the server or space nets is known for its stability, but the author had because the virtual host selection and network suffered, because the virtual host is all need to record, personal websites are often difficult in the record.


website, the early site record is successful, but the site on the line, because the content related to cervical spondylosis, which belongs to the medical category, in the record examination did not pass, the Internet Information Center to delete the record, civilink also shortly after a certain time to close the site. At that time, the author wanted to restore the record, but missed the best time to reduce losses, resulting in more than a year of accumulated site rankings completely lost.

2, program security is also related to the stability of your site.

, cervical vertebra disease network is set up with dedecms, was deleted in the record, close to the Hongkong nets site host, originally thought that this is no longer the record racked his brain, did not expect greater disaster is imminent. In changing space, I upgraded the website program, from dedecms5.6 to 5.7. As we all know, 5.7 of the initial line there are a large number of bugs, and the author of the website by hackers eyeing, space is horse, resulting in a large number of the error log, one produces a large number of the error log space taking off site. I was born not a programmer, there is no better way to repair website vulnerabilities, a method only through the introduction of online mending. Make a few days, a few days and problems, taking off the site, again after the problem, in almost four months, the site closed to open, open, keywords ranking as can be imagined. There is no way, the author simply replaced the static site, update the content in the local, and then through the FTP upload, although a lot of trouble, but also lost included many dynamic pages, but it is also the hard decision, hope sustained and stable development of the site of the helpless "

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