B station and mango joint, A station’s next target attack means

at the A station in 2016, should I take a pill or 23333333


January 14, 2016, AcFun (commonly known as A station) announced the acquisition of Softbank China $60 million, A+ round of financing, as well as new job adjustment.

The original

CEO sun min as president of the company, the new CEO Moran represents the first public appearance in A station. Sun Min retreated behind the scenes, responsible for commercial development of the company, but the ruling power station A overall planning and strategic adjustment.

in the news release, this quasi "85 after" young people, has quietly received the A station affairs for 2-3 months, allegedly by its hand led the current round of A station and Softbank China contact.

in fact, this is not the first airborne executive at A.


CEO sun min also parachuted to. He has a low profile and rarely appears in public. But his tenure crossed the most challenging and turbulent year of the A station, dancing with the tangled past. Mo is completely different, his goal is to look forward.

A station pills, but boil 2015, it is really finished,


the past 8 years, A has done two pieces of wedding dress, is a "incubator" game broadcast platform two Betta, "creation" and the achievements of a powerful rival Bilibili (B station).

however, in the past a lot of time, it has done more to pay for the "legacy of history". They attributed it to the historical debts".

There’s so much history in

A that they don’t want to mention.

China as the earliest video barrage site, A station station since 2007 has quickly attracted the attention of the domestic Indoorsman Indoorswoman. The following year, popularity soared.

When the

site was hot, in June 2009, A stood up for internal factional strife because of staff conflicts. After a month long room fault and cannot be accessed, touched the user to the bottom line, leading to the old member Bishi B founded a separate portal station formerly "Mikufans".

, this is the beginning of "nightmare" at A station.

March 2010, A suffered a hitherto unknown Shuabing crisis, a large number of members in a barrage of words and images of the situation out of control, and even the entire site greatly reduced, some members away.

at that time, the original only as "A station garden" the existence of Mikufans revision for Bilibili, because of the background stability and friendly interface gradually welcomed, A station members and UP owners all flow to B station. Since then, mutual excavation and other incidents frequently, AB two stations from love to phase kill, officially become competitors.

some people comment that helped create the competitors, and the plight of dominance submissively is rare.


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