Mall website needs to improve from user experience, can improve conversion rate

recently Taobao shop baptism makes a lot of individual shop are facing off, some Taobao stores choose to close the shop, some choose to establish their own independent shop, to build their own network brand website. If you want to make a fortune from the network, the establishment of an independent network of its own brand is a must, but the mall site is different from traditional enterprise website, website construction to the mall not only site traffic, an important transformation of website traffic rate, will be the most important entry site traffic into the largest proportion. The traffic conversion rate is directly related to the users of the mall website. How to improve the conversion rate of the website from the users of the mall is the primary problem that we need to solve.

recent Baidu algorithm adjustment, very clear to tell you, the user is the primary algorithm, whether it is original update, or server security, etc., all this is for better service users. Recently, the author operates light lingerie mall website, a few users from the site to reflect the ways to improve the conversion rate, mainly in the following:

should first have a good web architecture and a spectacular navigation design, especially for the default ECSHOP template sites, which basically have the same layout architecture, plus Baidu’s attitude towards ECSHOP. If you need to use this system, you must develop it two times. FLASH navigation, try not to use, picture navigation is also, these two points on the search engine.

two web pages, simple structured, some owners in order to prevent others from your own website picture, specially in the pictures with watermark, which caused a certain degree of visual effects of users is not clear, website user visual effect. Also, the product image of the site must be processed, and do not make a picture of a website one trillion or two trillion. Web page opening speed will be affected to some extent, so it may directly affect the user’s jump out rate. Another point is that each product is best to add a certain text description, description of raw materials, products, including accessories, and so on, so that it seems more orderly, illustrations are the best product description.

three, reasonable site link structure, the main is bread navigation links website internal links, help users more quickly understand website, know your browsing position more quickly back to the home location, not on the site lost. There is an article inside the text link, description text links that can link to the home page or product page, or the page links, improve Internet users browse page number, reduce the rate of jump out of the site, to facilitate users to better read more.

four, mall products exchange, we can see some successful e-commerce sites, basically every site has this feature, Taobao, Jingdong, VANCL, Amazon, good music to buy and so on are product advice, or shopping. Comment messages need to be real, you can’t see bad, just close and delete in the background of the website. Is there a product?

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