40 days PR value from 0 to 3 of some thinking

make a network for a long time, until some time ago to do a website, the ultimate goal is to make money, but not now, so don’t want to put too much effort, but also do not want too utilitarian pursuit of something, but they still try diligently do, hope that their ability to network under test.

my domain name registration for more than half a year, but the station (tourists love http://s.iyouke.com) is in 2009 April, just go back to search under the release date, the earliest in April 15th, then spent about a week’s time to replace the template, and then starts from the end of April to update. At the beginning of the constant inquiries GOOGLE, Baidu included, and later found that urgent useless, simply do not check. As for the ALEXA ranking and PR value, know GOOGLE update is very slow, have not seen, until a few days ago someone told me the 3, I still can’t believe it, he told friends, do not believe, later confirmed, also admire me, ha ha.

have searched a recent article (Baidu updates the PR value is poor, the latter than the GOOGLE has a lot of articles about this update, the former is a not found), some people say this update is not normal, does not comply with the law, and to the relatively high proportion of new. But who said that the PR value must be updated 3 months, and I think GOOGLE is more realistic to reflect the value of the web page, too deliberately SEO may be weakened?.

since the introduction of this site, I mainly do a few aspects of the work, write down, I hope to give you some reference.

Continue to update

1, website information: I’m going to start collecting a large number of articles, and then revise the "original articles", but collected dozens of friends, said U.S. server banned the acquisition, seal, so it seems, although these articles also suitably modified, but rarely included.

I is updated every day a few articles, find a good practical value to publish information (for example on a site article, I want to see whether there are attractions, whether there is any route map, schedule, or recommendation, only have several aspects, I only then). This article do fine. Send an article, go to Baidu or GOOGLE search, see if there is no relevant article, if any, for editing issued up to each other to become a link, so users can see after full information.

also a large number of pictures is also necessary to do the job, if an article is dry the tourist attractions, I do not think how many people can insist on the. Every time I send an article, I search for a lot of pictures and choose the right pictures. Sometimes an article takes more than half an hour, from articles to pictures to titles, descriptions, keywords and so on.


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