WeChat running dry goods do not let your WeChat fixed misplaced

, a few small questions first,

What’s the use of

1 and WeChat public

?What does

2 and public numbers do for me,


3, pick the subscription number or service number?

What’s the

1 WeChat public number?


WeChat public No. absolutely not because other companies have done it, so I’m going to do it. In my opinion, the WeChat public key has 6 main uses.

1 provides users with loyalty and mobility. Many bosses asked WeChat, "how much powder did WeChat add today? How many fans are there now? In fact, the amount of fans is not the focus, and the quality of the fans is the most important.". For businesses, truly loyal, active fans are valuable.

2, provide valuable information for customers. Pay attention to enterprises of the public, or concerns related to dynamic of the enterprise, or concern the company’s products and services, absolutely not because Jack or a joke to pay attention to the enterprise, so to provide information to users of real value.

3, customer management. In fact, the public number is a natural CRM, each subscriber behind automatically formed a database, so a bit more diligent, user groups, will give the future operation and promotion of great convenience.

4, class SMS platform, can communicate with each other. One of the biggest features of the public is the mass, and can send pictures, send voice, send video, send a variety of things, more convenient than SMS, not money, of course, the user’s traffic costs, except. PC side of the public platform can also respond to fan information, of course, pay attention to the time, 48 hours later can not take the initiative to send information.

5 makes reading easier and easier. The number of public information can be seen in addition to the push, can see the history of the message, reply keywords can obtain the specified information, so that the user can get to see the contents of information, the utilization rate is high, and more direct, more effective.

6, drainage diversion tool. WeChat plays a significant role in customer service, sales, two conversions, viscosity enhancement and word of mouth enhancement. Through other means of drainage into WeChat, the use of WeChat for the relationship between biochemistry and accreditation deepen, and thus promote transactions.

What does

2 public numbers do for me,


public numbers have so much use. What’s the use for me? That’s the problem of positioning. The use of the public signal is determined by what you want to achieve with the micro signal. According to the above content, you must have a general idea. We discuss the location problem according to the subscription number and the service number.

3 selects the subscription number or the service number?

1, the difference between the subscription number and the service number. As the name suggests, the subscription number is mainly the push of the message, providing more information to the user; the service number is mainly to provide services for >

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