Where to go direct marketing does not harm the tourism industry, B2C management challenges, distribu

early this year, eLong and Ctrip both sides carried out a series of low-priced marketing competition and war of words is full of controversy. The industry also believes that the two giants battle of words and price war is not a healthy way of competition. The traditional hotel booking distribution model, the hotel needs to Ctrip such network intermediaries pay a certain amount of commission. This means that seemingly low prices behind, in fact, consumers need to dig out a certain amount of "intermediary fees."". The relevant data shows the current time through Ctrip booking Commission is usually successful room price of 15% to 20%, indicating that the price of the hotel there is a big decline in space, but in order to better sell their rooms, and had to pay a commission to the distributors.

this distribution form, improve the hotel cost, not to say, for consumers, also did not get the lowest cheap housing prices. Although it is more convenient, compared to offline booking also have the price advantage, but if the online distribution channels and not for the hotel sales and provide customers booking line compared to more obvious advantages and convenience for the development of online hotel industry, Ctrip this distribution channel monopoly, is not conducive to the healthy development of the industry, also have a bad effect on the hotel and clients.

in Ctrip channel monopoly has been questioned at the same time, Taobao, where strong intervention network, pat and other large B2C platform online travel tickets, hotel reservations in the bright younger generation etc., provides direct marketing platform for the hotel and air ticket booking, the use of their own advantages, let the hotel directly with customers face to face, not from any booking commission income that saves the hotel cost, to reduce the price to attract more users than the distribution platform has a more significant advantage. Especially the hotel direct platform vertical travel search portal where new network (http://s.hotel.quna.com/), breaking the existing online hotel reservation Commission mode, to the hotel to do free direct and does not need to pay any commissions to which network, as long as the hotel website, in which (www.quna.com) to the real name registration is approved can you publish online hotel price, hotel room apartment layout and housing information and real-time adjustment according to the room sales and maintenance, where the registered hotel can be directly to the consumer has demonstrated its products and services, and consumer spending until the completion of bargaining. Where to go direct marketing platform does not charge any hotel fees, so that it saves the cost, give the hotel more profit space. It also brings cheaper, affordable housing to consumers, expands hotel occupancy and ensures the accuracy of rooms. This kind of bold and direct sales mode is what all hotel operators dream of, and will become a weapon to break the monopoly of Ctrip channel.

may be Taobao, where to go, and other direct model of the site launched a strong, so that Ctrip felt unprecedented pressure. Not long ago, news on the network said: "the author, Ctrip vice president of shelling hotels, tickets, blind direct marketing: Evil tourism.". Can be understood as Ctrip counterattack direct marketing model of a harbinger. Text >

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