Stationmaster should how to hold correct to do station direction, effective network makes money

the new Internet environment is both a challenge and an opportunity. In such fierce competition in the Internet environment, how the webmaster morale better make money? Is every day of Baidu is focused on improving the user experience? Some people say Baidu although there are a lot of rules, but the main is: updates, the chain, the chain, the layout of the page keywords, and luck. Then, how should we focus on it? Recognizing the situation and mastering the method is the way to success.

formal analysis

Google official job hopping, let us see the crisis of Google, but we should also clearly realize that if there is no Google, relying on other advertising alliances, I am afraid Adsense really difficult to survive. In a sense, is the webmaster to Chinese the development of the Internet, the power station from Google, Google Chinese indirectly promoted the development of the Internet, if there is no station, search engine will remain several portal and enterprise station, imagine several major portals if shielding search engine, then the search engine only the enterprise stand, enterprises do PPC can stand in the front row, will burn rush? Search engine failure is inevitable. So recently, the emergence of the so-called "roped Baidu webmaster" thing, head of the group and we all know, the Internet is more than 99% of all owners in the effort, if Google really gone, the word stationmaster alliance will probably disappear in the near future, the next search engines disappear. But fortunately, Google did not go, no matter how Google employees toss, Google does not go, there is hope, China’s Internet there is hope!


focuses on Baidu

Baidu webmaster how to make love? This is the theme in the backward a voting card, Baidu how to let owners love? Options are: 1, increase the proportion of split (10~15% is said to have improved, but still look back from the account taoshengyijiu); 2. Baidu alliance, content change, and GG. Exact match (like now, sometimes not appropriate; 3. and related Baidu alliance) search alliance is too difficult to apply; 4. Baidu should punish link behavior, let the webmaster fair competition; 5. Baidu advertising pictures do look better (and some advertising pictures too ugly). Among them, more than 90% of the owners voted second, many webmasters have expressed in unison, as long as the matching content is appropriate, are willing to hang Baidu ads, matching appropriate, in order to earn more money. We look forward to matching the exact Baidu alliance as soon as possible.

clear attitude,

do what you do best; do not do it at all. Rely on the acquisition or copy directly to earn money alliance is not the reality, collected more powerful more easily search engine punishment, punishment. The site is white, all do not complain about their pay is no return that is because you provide content poor user experience, search engine in the profit at the same time the first thing to consider is the user experience. What is user experience? User >

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