The future trend of China’s e-commerce in 2009

introduction: from the little-known to the limelight, and then to the bubble burst, and then through the winter, but more impressive style, China’s e-commerce has gone through a winding and restless course. The electronic commerce industry China will move towards a climax in 2009, how to go to the future where? This paper summarizes the electronic commerce the sequence of events, combined with the market environment, a comprehensive analysis of the future trend of e-commerce.

China e-commerce started in 1997. If American e-commerce is "business driven", then China’s e-commerce is more "technology driven", which is in the development model, China’s e-commerce and American e-commerce is the biggest difference. In the United States, e-commerce practices are earlier than e-commerce concepts, and business needs of enterprises have promoted the progress of network and e-commerce technology, and contributed to the formation of e-commerce concepts. When the Internet era came, the United States already had a more advanced and developed e-commerce foundation. In China, the concept of e-commerce business and application before the electronic development, "Enlightenment" is IBM IT vendors, Internet and electronic commerce technology need to "pull" the business needs of enterprises, and thus lead to the development and application of electronic commerce Chinese.

understanding of this difference is very important, it is a major feature of China’s e-commerce development, but also understand China’s e-commerce application and development of a key.

in 1997 and 1998, the main Chinese e-commerce is some IT companies and the media, their e-commerce in a variety of ways of "enlightenment education", to inspire and guide people to e-commerce awareness, interests and needs. After this stage, in 1999 and 2000, e-commerce service providers to the website as the main features of the application of Chinese become the earliest e-commerce in the venture capital, become the main stage of China e-commerce. With the deepening of the application and development of electronic commerce, with the capital market bubble burst, e-commerce sites began to fall into the trough, and especially in the traditional enterprise has began to enter the field of e-commerce, e-commerce China began to enter the third stage from 2001, enterprise e-commerce has become the main Chinese new e-commerce.

This change in

is profound, but it also raises some incorrect views on the situation of China’s e-commerce. People have become accustomed to the website e-commerce, especially with some "hot spot" websites, e-commerce as an important and even sole basis for understanding and judging the e-commerce situation. Therefore, the decline of some "hot spots" e-commerce sites, resulting in a lot of media professionals and made Chinese e-commerce at the bottom of the recession, or simply from the judgment of so many people unable to get up after a fall, the prospects for the development of electronic commerce has great suspicion, superiority of electronic commerce began to appear more and more negative and opinions.

that’s understandable, but not true. In fact, contrary to the situation, China’s e-commerce is going deep and wide

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