Through three days of study, talk about their experience of optimization

just a few days before his 30 woman network opened, the next step is to generalize, but I have no experience in this respect are not, so the use of three days of free time in CZ, A5 on the others to write the article, the principle of Baidu included from the present on the three day to know learn to do a simple summary.

new stations, of course, have no traffic or much content, so gathering content to fill the site is the first step. Collected content, how can you let the search engine faster included, how to let the search engine to judge your web site content is the original content of his original?. Here to talk about two topics, how to let the search engine to judge your web site content is original content and how to attract spiders, let the website every day by Baidu method.

first of all, the search engine to determine the content of your web site is the original content of his original:

1. Let’s first understand the difference between the original and the pseudo original.

original Gu Yi is first set up a file in the network published content, which is second times the pseudo original article or edit N repeatedly modified article. For example, modify the title, increase the abstract, reprint incomplete content and so on.

2. Now understand the difference between the original and pseudo original, we have to understand how search engines on the original and pseudo original judgments.

is generally judged by these aspects whether the article is original or not. 1) snapshot date. 2) spider grab date. 3) how many pages outside the chain?. 4) the degree of revision.

in order to better solution is below the 4 point we give an example: for example, an article entitled "women 30 nets opened on April 6th" the 06 article in today published for the first time in the 30 woman net ( or on the website. Then search engine spiders came to this woman, 30 web site, found this page, analysis content, into the database, and was identified as the first discovery, this must be original,


pseudo original? Most search engines spiders don’t distinguish these things because their thinking is too stylized. If you "woman 30 nets opened in 4 platform tickets 6 days" the single title "opened in April 6th 30 net" woman then the spider will difficult to determine whether the article had income, maybe it can determine some content is repeated, but it is not because these and will this this article is reproduced for confirmation! Of course, with the search engine programs designed to improve, there should be a similar things out, such as text similarity more than a few percent will be considered to be reproduced.

this analysis, I believe we should understand the search engine, judge your web site content is the original content of his original. Only women 30 websites long their views, I hope you absorb what you want, don’t agree with, can give me to women 30 nets, give me a message or give me >

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