The ink is wonderful inside Baidu Webmaster Platform

Baidu webmaster platform is still in tight beta, only a very small number of owners have the opportunity to participate in beta. I had the honor of the wonderful chess ink through Baidu Adsense statistics invitation code joined this online platform, through several days of closed beta, the little.

Baidu official introduced Baidu webmaster platform has the following functions:

at Baidu webmaster platform, you can:

understand the status of your website in Baidu crawl and collection

uses Baidu webmaster tools to optimize your website

close communication with Baidu

in the process of using the wonderful chess ink also feel this kind of tool for you struggle in the webmaster role line is huge, I share with you my Baidu Webmaster Platform the use of experience.

login Baidu webmaster platform, the introduction of the eyes, first is to add the button of the web site, search engine friendly degree verification tool and XML format data submitted some common sense help document. Search engine friendliness testing tools are similar to Baidu SEO simple tools, which are used to detect the search engine friendliness of a page.


we click add site, and then enter the monitor URL add page.


adds the site you need to manage through the prompt box, and the site is automatically added to the list of

to be verified


here, Baidu provides two methods of file verification and meta tag verification. After completing the operation step by step, click Finish verification, then you can pass the verification process.


it is worth noting that, at this point, we still can not use Baidu webmaster platform. Because Baidu webmaster platform is still in the beta phase, so for the user’s audit is relatively strict, Baidu Adsense platform for each site using artificial audit way.


fortunately audit cycle is not long, generally only need 1 working days, you can get Baidu Adsense platform official audit.

after validation, you can enter the data management interface.


in the management interface, we see Baidu webmaster platform function is divided into five major blocks:

1. adds new data

2. data management

3.. Delete < >

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